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≪Div Class="Box9" Style="Overflow: Hidden; Font-Family: Tahoma, Arial, Verdana; Font-Size: 12Px; Line-Height: Normal;"≫≪Table Border="0" Cellspacing="1" Cellpadding="1" Width="100%" Class="Tbl"≫≪Tbody≫≪Tr≫≪Td Style="Font-Weight: Bold; Font-Size: 13Px; Font-Family: Tahoma, Arial; Width: 418Px; Vertical-Align: Top;"≫Vemmtec Igtm Gas Turbine Meter≪Br≫≪Br≫Sizes, Flow Rate And Flanges≪Br≫≪Br≫The Available Nominal Diameter Of The Igtm Gas Turbine≪Br≫Meter Ranges From 50 Mm ( 2 " ) To 400 Mm ( 16 " ) . Other≪Br≫Sizes Are Available On Request.≪Br≫The Igtm Can Be Delivered With G Rates Ranging From G40≪Br≫To G4000, Which Means That Igtms Are Available For Flow≪Br≫Rates From 10 M3/ H To 10 000 M3/ H.≪Br≫The Relationship Between G Value And Flow Rate For Each≪Br≫Diameter Is Shown In Table 3 On The Last Page Of This Brochure.≪Br≫Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel Igtms Can Be Manufactured≪Br≫Either With Ansi Flanges Or With Din Flanges In The Ranges: ≪Br≫Ansi 150Rf - Ansi 600Rf≪Br≫Pn 10 - Pn 100≪Br≫Ductile Iron ( En-Gjs-400-18-Lt; Ggg 40) Meter Bodies Are≪Br≫Available In Diameters From 50 Mm ( 2 " ) To 200 Mm ( 8 " ) And≪Br≫Pressure Class Pn10 - Pn16 And Ansi 125Rf - Ansi 150Rf.≪Br≫≪Br≫Accuracy≪Br≫≪Br≫Standard Accuracy Limits For Ct-Models Are In Accordance≪Br≫With The Ec Directives And Many Foreign Regulations: ≪Br≫± 1% For 0.2 Qmax To Qmax≪Br≫± 2% For Qmin To 0.2 Qmax≪Br≫As An Option For The Ct Model The Accuracy Limits Can Be≪Br≫Improved To: ≪Br≫± 0.5% For 0.2 Qmax To Qmax≪Br≫± 1% For Qmin To 0.2 Qmax≪Br≫These Limits Are Valid For The Meter Performance In Ambient≪Br≫Air. Usually, The Performance Is Better At High-Pressure Applications.≪Br≫On Request We Can Offer Meters According To Your Accuracy≪Br≫Specification.≪Br≫The Repeatability Of The Vemm Tec Igtm Is Better Than 0.1% ≪Br≫≪Br≫Approvals≪Br≫The Igtm Is Specifically Designed In Accordance With All≪Br≫Relevant And Published Standards, Like Ec Directives, En≪Br≫12261, Aga 7, Iso 9951, Oiml R6, R32, And R137-1.≪Br≫Many National Standards And Laws Are Based On The Above.≪Br≫The Igtm-Ct Meter Is Approved For Custody Transfer In All≪Br≫Ec ( European Community) Countries. Metrological Approvals≪Br≫Are Also Obtained In Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech≪Br≫Republic, Romania, Algeria, Malaysia And China, Others Are≪Br≫In Process.≪Br≫≪Br≫Material Of Construction≪Br≫The Materials Of Construction Are Listed In The Table Below.≪Br≫≪Br≫Part &Amp;Amp; Material≪Br≫Housing : Ductile Iron ( En-Gjs-400-18-Lt) ≪Br≫Carbon Steel ( Cast Or Welded) ≪Br≫Stainless Steel ( On Request) ≪Br≫Straightening Vane : Aluminium≪Br≫Turbine Wheel : Aluminium≪Br≫Metering Insert : Aluminium≪Br≫Bearing Block : Aluminium≪Br≫Bearings : Stainless Steel≪Br≫Shafts : Stainless Steel≪Br≫Gears : Stainless Steel Or Synthetic Material≪Br≫Magnetic Coupling : Stainless Steel≪Br≫Index Head : Aluminium≪Br≫≪Br≫Specifications≪Br≫Nominal Diameter : Dn 400≪Br≫( Mm) / ( Inch) ( 16 " ) ≪Br≫Size Rating ( G) : G 6500≪Br≫Qmax [ M3/ H] : 10000≪Br≫Qmin ( Standard Flow Range) : 500≪Br≫[ M3/ H] ≪Br≫Roating Speed Turbine Wheel : 2300≪Br≫Qmax [ Min 6 1] ≪Br≫Turbine Wheel≪Br≫Blade Angle : 30≪Br≫Number Of Blades : 24≪Br≫Max.Frequency Hf1/ Hf2 : 1300≪Br≫Approx .[ Hz] ≪Br≫Max.Frequency Hf3/ Hf4 : 130≪Br≫Approx .[ Hz] ≪Br≫Max.Frequency 1R1 Reed [ Hz] : 0, 28≪Br≫K-Factor ( Hf1/ Hf2 Approx. : 470≪Br≫[ Imp/ M³ ] ) ≪Br≫K-Factor ( Hf3/ Hf4 Approx. : 50≪Br≫[ Imp/ M³ ] ) ≪Br≫K-Factor ( 1R1 Reed [ Imp/ M³ ] ) : 0, 1≪Br≫≪Br≫≪/Td≫≪/Tr≫≪/Tbody≫≪/Table≫≪/Div≫
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Kami Merupakan Perusahaan Sentra Teknik Utama Yang Berlokasi Di Bekasi - Jawa Barat  Distributor-Agent-Supplier Alat Dan Perlengkapan Safety, Stockist Safety, Pusat Laboratory-Peralatan Tools Dan Measuring, Alat  Pemadam  Kebakaran, Survey-Control Dan Indicator, Flowmeter, Engine Agricultural/ Indutri/ Marine, Alat Safety Yang Menyediakan Alat Dan Perlengkapan Safety Antara Lain: Helm Safety, Welding Helmet, Kacamata/Goggle Safety, Masker, Pelindung Telinga (Ear Plug), Wear Pack, Safety Gloves, Sabuk Pengaman(Safety Belt), Body Harness, Jaket Pelampung, Traffic Blocks, Hand Metal Detector, Safety Light, Sepatu Safety (Shoes) Merk Kings, Dr Osha, Krushers, Kent, Cheetah, Wayna, Ap Boot, Forbelli, Toyobo, Petrova, Besafe, Ergos, Redwing, Ando, Msa, Aosafety, Cig, Shigematsu, Protecta, Ansell, Jobmaster, Protector, Blue Eagle, Haws, Sperian,Bw Gas Detector, Riken Keiki, Spc, 3M, Brady ,Besgard, Petzl, Dll. Kami Melayani Eceran Dan Grosir.

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Negara Asal : Indonesia
Kategori : Pompa dan Alat
Terakhir Diupdate : 20 Mar 2013

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Alamat : Jl Harapan Indah Raya Komp. Sentra Bisnis blok SS 21/15 Harapan Indah, Medan Satria Bekasi
Jawa Barat , Indonesia
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