Kargo dan Logistik

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Kargo dan Logistik

Kargo adalah Semua barang yang dikirim melalui udara (pesawat terbang), laut (kapal) atau darat (truk kontainer) untuk diperdagangkan, baik antar wilayah atau kota di dalam negeri maupun antar negara (internasional) yang dikenal dengan istilah ekspor-impor. Logistik adalah proses pengelolaan dari pada pemindahan dan penyimpanan barang dan infomasi terkait dai sumber pengadaaan ke konsumen akhir secara efektif dan efisien. Kargo dan Logistik merupakan dua hal yang saling berkaitan, kargo adalah barangnya lalu logistik merupakan bagian dari rantai pasokan atau (supply chain management) yang merencanakan, melaksanakan, dan mengendalikan secara efektif dan efisien, aliran dan penyimpanan dari barang dan jasa serta informasi terkait dari titik (tempat) asal ke titik (tempat) konsumsi yang bertujuan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan.


Platinum Jaya Logistic is a forwarding company which primarily focuses on Sea & Air Transportation which includes export and imports for commodities such as: Spare parts, Food stuffs, Garment, Grain, Textile, Apparels, Electronics, Medicines, etc. Platinum Jaya Logistic is also member of WCA which is an International Forwarding Organization who has experienced and trusted agent partners overseas. Platinum Jaya Logistic also provides project shipments which require special treatments and equipments. Platinum Jaya Logistic experienced with break-bulk, heavy duty cargo, FR, OOG, OT, and also charter tug/LCT. Platinum Jaya Logistic plans the project thoroughly in details, by analyzing the types of goods, dimensions, and any other remarks in handling the goods. Platinum Jaya Logistic provides the best quality and service by giving advice to client, listening to their requests before running the shipment. These are to minimize the handling error and to prevent over-cost or over-budget.

Platinum Jaya Arta By PT. Platinum Jaya Arta

PT Platinum Jaya Arta is the right trading partner, the complete one with our values honesty, integrity, reliability and mutual respect. Business type trading company (Local, Export & Import) established in 2017. Our product: Development area: 1. Act as Developer 2. Steel contructions 3. General contractor 4. etc Trading and commerce: 1. General trading 2. Distributor 3. Export & Import 4. etc Industries: 1. Industry of food & beverage 2. Industry of garment & textile 3. Industry of Handmade Printing: 1. Design and graphic 2. Book publishing 3. Binding, cartonage, and packing 4. etc Agriculture: 1. Agribusiness 2. Farm & Fishery 3. Forestry 4. etc Workshop: 1. Garage & Machine shop 2. Showroom 3. Vehicle's accessories 4. etc Other Services: 1. Property agent 2. General Telecomunication 3. Convention service Land transportaion: 1. Expedition 2. Warehousing 3. Cargo transportation 4. Passenger transportation 5. Etc