Asphalt Finisher

Asphalt Finisher

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Roads are very important land transportation infrastructure. Without this infrastructure, people cannot go smoothly from one place to another. To create this connecting infrastructure, there are several tools needed. Some of them are heavy equipment that must be operated by using special expertise. One of them is asphalt finisher.

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Asphalt Finisher Definition and Function

Asphalt finisher is a heavy equipment used to make asphalt road. This tool is similar to a tractor but its size is quite large. The machine, which is also called asphalt paver, is divided into two types, namely wheeled equipped with rubber wheels and crawler equipped with track or centipede.

The function of asphalt finisher is to spread asphalt hot mix. This hot asphalt mixture is poured from the dump truck into the hopper section gradually. When this tool is operated, the asphalt mixture in the hopper will move down and spread on the unfinished highway. At the bottom of the hopper, there is a knife that functions to comb and flatten asphalt that has just been poured. Thus, the asphalt expanse becomes smooth and even.

By using asphalt finisher, the asphalting results will have the same asphalt thickness, the same width, and the same slope. To pave a wider area, the operator can install extensions. Thus, the process of laying asphalt can be done according to the width of the road. To get a neater asphalting result, you should use a crawler-type asphalt paver.

Operation of this tool must be carried out by an operator who has a certificate to operate it. So that the asphalting of the road can run smoothly and safely. There are various regulations and standards that must be obeyed by operators when operating this machine. Therefore, not just anyone is allowed to operate it.

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