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Control Valve

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Buy Control Valve at wholesale prices for Jaguar, Yuken, Viking, and other brands from distributors, importers and valve control suppliers at the lowest price that serves to control the flow of water or oil through pipes for the piping industry for both oil and water. Search and find various brands and type valve controllers from all suppliers and sellers who provide quality brands according to the type valve you want to find and buy. Immediately submit a purchase of a control valve for various needs of your piping company that uses many types of valves to suit your needs, including control valves that you get in which are sold by reliable suppliers in Indonesia.

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Find the Reference Size and Price of the Latest and Cheapest Valve Control in Indonesia

All types of control valves for pipes are usually offered with detailed prices, specifications, brands and sizes. To find the price range / estimate for the control valve that you want to buy, you can directly from the supplier's valve valve from all over Indonesia, you see the price list the cheapest and newest control valve from all sellers selling at retail or wholesale prices. To always know the latest prices that are more complete, you can immediately submit a price quote request from all suppliers in

Control Valve Size Price
1/8 Inch Rp. 110,000
1/4 Inch Rp. 350,000

Select Brand-Control Valve from Supplier / Distributor and Importer in

You can search for valve controller products at relatively cheap prices with competitive quality, because you can find various quality brands and find them from trusted sellers or companies in All sellers here have and provide a variety of valve controllers that you might need, so to find these products you can immediately submit a purchase request directly from suppliers in Indotrading. For the best types of brands including:

  • Jaguar
  • Yuken
  • Viking
  • Fleck
  • etc.

From some of the brands above, you can directly select and compare one or two more products with each brand such as the list of brands above. So you can determine which controller valve you choose to be the product you are buying. If you buy a lot of products you should bargain back at wholesale prices, because by means of wholesale purchases or in large quantities you will get a special price.

Functions and How the Control Valve Works on Channels Pipes

One of the main functions of this valve controller is that it is used to regulate and control the flow of oil, oil, water and other types of fluid in a network / pipe with a precise size or dose. The way the control valve works is to control and regulate fluid flow in the pipe with a throttling system that works with globe valve using the system hydraulic and pneumatic to regulate flow automatically. Because the valve control is the mechanical part of the last controller flow in a flow process.

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