Lantai Vinyl

Lantai Vinyl

Selling Cheap Vinyl Floors

Buy cheap vinyl flooring at wholesale prices per meter / per box of the best complete size brands from the closest suppliers, importers and distributors in your city. Submit requests for vinyl flooring at the lowest price in Indonesia for resale or for various interior design project needs for home, office and other floors. The advantages of flooring from this material has advantages, namely anti-scratch so it is suitable to be used as both concrete flooring and wooden floors . In addition to scratch-resistant material this floor for this floor has many motifs and colors that you can adjust to the color of the room such as walls and furniture in the room. The advantages of using vinyl flooring include easy maintenance or cleaning the floor such as sweeping and mopping will be easier to do so that floor cleanliness is always maintained.

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Lantai Vinyl, Pijakan Nyaman yang Bisa Buat Hunian Jadi Lebih Menawan

Lantai menjadi material yang sangat penting dalam proses pembuatan bangunan. Layaknya atap, lantai ini menjadi salah satu bagain yang tak boleh sembarangan dalam pemasangannya. Selain menjadi media berpijak, lantai juga akan memberikan kesan estetik ...

Vinyl Floor Type

In accordance with its name, vinyl flooring, of course, its function is to be used for flooring or floor covering so that the floor becomes more beautiful with a variety of diverse motifs, for example wood motifs, stone motifs, motifs marble or granite. Did you know, there are several types that are distinguished by their shape, here are some vinyl based on their shape:

  • Tile, is a type that if arranged to resemble the form of ceramic tiles or marble / granite tiles.
  • Roll, is a type of sheet such as carpet with a wide size and is easy to install.
  • Plank, this type is a motif that resembles parquet wood floor pieces.

Cheap Vinyl Floor Prices

Confused by the choice of different vinyl flooring types and different motifs? Immediately submit a purchase request to all suppliers, importers and distributors in right now through the page for procurement requests that you can directly get in an easy way. Also if you want to see price references based on motifs and sizes as below:

Size / Motif Estimated Price
3mm Size Wood Motif Rp. 145,000
Motif 3mm Size Wood Fiber Rp. 155,000
3mm Size Granite Motif Rp. 154,000
3mm Marble Pattern Motif Rp. 125,000
Motifs of 3mm Natural Stone Rp. 135,000

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