Selang Pemadam Kebakaran

Selang Pemadam Kebakaran

Sell ​​Quality Fire Hose

The fire extinguisher hose is one type of fire extinguisher which is used to connect to the hydrant pillar system and maximize the fire hydrant system to extinguish the fire. The function of this hose is of course to distribute water from the hydrant pillar which was previously distributed by the hydrant pump / hydrotest pump with high pressure from the water reservoir / water tank so that it can be used. Buy a cheap fire extinguisher hose the latest models, various brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading now.

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How to use the fire hose appropriately

Like using a variety of other fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher hoses need to be used as well as possible, such as rolling neatly in place so that they can be used for a long period of time. To roll it there are 2 ways, namely single roll and double roll. For a single roll, one of the couplings is made into the center of the roll. While the second double roll copling is outside the roll.

After completion of use, you should check the hose regularly to make sure there is no damage or leakage. This method is also anticipated so that the fire hose is not dry and stiff when you want to use it. Some other conditions that need to be considered are not rolling the hose wet because it is feared that it will cause the hose to be sticky and moldy. If this happens, the water that comes out is not optimal.

Then also consider the method when removing the hose from the water source, namely by pushing the end of the coil to stretch the hose. Not by forcibly pulling it. Then when pulling the hose toward the fire point, pay attention to the runway then make sure the friction between the fire hose and the ground must be minimized because if it is rubbed repeatedly it will be feared there will be a leak in the hose.

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