Alat Uji Kekerasan Micro Vickers Shimadzu Hmv-G

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Spesifikasi Alat Uji Kekerasan Micro Vickers Shimadzu Hmv-G

Hardness Tester
Model: HMV-G31S (MonochromeCamera without Electric Turret)
Specifications :
TestForce: 16 stages in total
   9.807 mN, 19.61 49.03, 98.07, 245.2,490.3, 980.7mN,
   1.96 N, 2.942, 4.903, 9.807, 19.61 N
   12 stages (HV0.001, HV0.002, HV0.005,HV0.01, 
    0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1, and2)
    plus four user-designated stages *1
Loading Unit: Automatic loading and automatic force changing
TestForce Duration Time: User-designated settings from 0 to 999 sec*2, in 1 sec 
MaximumNumber of Indenter Attachments: 1
StandardIndenter Provided: Vickers Indenter
MaximumNumber of Objective Lens Attachments: 2
StandardObjective Lenses Provided: 40× (1 empty)
IndentationReading System: Automatic readings via digital image analysis, and 
  manual settings for line length measurementin the
  PC window
Eyepiece: —
Digital CameraMonochrome: USB Connection (USB 2.0)
: 1/3-inch image size
: Measurement image 640 × 480pixels
: 256 tint gradations(digital image data)
Color: USB Connection (USB 3.0 Super Speed)
: 2/3-inch image size
: Measurement image 2448 ×2048 pixels
EffectiveMeasurement Range: Monochrome Camera: 120 × 90 μm
(For 40× objective lens)  Color Camera: 195 ×160 μm
XYStage: Area: 100 × 100 mm; Stroke: ±12.5 mm; 
  Sample: Maximum height 100 mm
  Instrument’s lateral direction (widthdirection): 
  Instrument’s depth direction: Unlimited forsamples
  with a width of 120 mm max.*3
  When sample width is greater than 120 mm:200 mm 
  Z Axis Stroke: 60 mm; Spacer provided:Thickness 
  40 mm; Maximum Loading: 10 kg
  The center of gravity of objects loadedmust be 
  located on the stage.
DataProcessing Functions: ① Vickers Hardness HV
  ② Knoop hardness HK*4
  ③ Brinell hardness: HB*4
  ④ Triangular Pyramid Hardness HT*3
  ⑤ Length, direct reading L (μm)*5
  ⑥ Fracture Toughness Kc
  ⑦ Shape correction function 
         (cylindrical surfaces and sphericalsurfaces)
Note: The cracks formeasuring fracture toughness are 
determined manually by theoperator.
Results DisplayedDisplayed Items: Data No., diagonal line length, hardness, conversion 
  value, average, standard deviation,coefficient of 
  variation, maximum value, minimum value,pass/fail 
Graphical Display: Variance graph, depth of hardening graph*6
External OutputUSB: —
Printer: Printer output from a PC via software
External Dimensions: Approx. W350 × D570 × H540 mm
Weight: Approx. 45 kg
Power Supply: Main unit: Single-phase 100 to 115 VAC, 230 VAC,
  100 VA (50/60 Hz)
  Note: Prepare agrounded outlet. 
  (D type ground, witha ground resistance of 100 Ω max.)
  Note: With theHMV-G31 series, a power supply for the PC 
  will be required inaddition to the above mentioned.
PC Provided*8: OS: Windows® 10 (64 bit edition)
  CPU: Intel® Core™i5-6500 or faster
  USB Ports*8: Formonochrome camera
                          Uses two USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports
                          For color camera
                          Uses one USB 3.0 port (required) and 
                          one USB 2.0 or 3.0 port

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