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Spesifikasi Alat Uji dan Mesin AXILINE 97000 TRANSMISSION DYNO

Alat Uji dan Mesin


Digital For Ease & Accuracy

The Axiline 97000 features full digital control for highly accurate and repeatable testing. It adapts to most all domestic foreign front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, transverse, manual, and CVT transmissions. The 97000 tests transmission line pressure, shift point and response, downshift and converter lockup, stall speed and more all under simulated vehicle load conditions. The standard SuperShifter Pro operator console gives the operator full digital control of both the dyno and the transmission with potentiometers for load and speed. The console is conveniently mounted on swinging arms so the operator can spot oil and pressure leaks, check hydraulic and system controls, and make minor adjustments while the transmission is mounted on the tester. The 97000 can be upgraded with a WinDyn Data Acquisition system for powerful automated testing features and full post test data analysis, graphing and replay functions.

Now with ATP's Test Cube and SuperFlow's WinDyn data acquisition and control system you can control and fully test electronically shifted Mechatronic transmissions and valve bodies on any transmission dynamometer or valve body tester equiped with the WinDyn Test Cube option. Check out the options section for more information.

Axiline 97000 Standard Features

High-output, electric-drive, 40 horsepower motor with advanced control strategies to accurately mimic transmission inputs from internal combustion engines
Eddy current power absorption units for dynamic loaded testing to simulate real world driving conditions
SuperShifter Pro Operator Console and Software for shift control and dyno control
Jib crane & hoise for fast and simple transmission mounting and dismounting (holds up to 350 lbs.)
Drip trays with removable shield
Stall brake with foot activated control (optional digital control from console also available)
Fill and drain pumps with hoses to fill and drain fileterd ATF from the 97000's self contained transmission fluid tank
Electric shuttle motors with push button operation easily position absorbers and input drive for different transmission configurations
Complete tooling kits with dowel pins for precision alignment, eliminating any chance of damaging pumps and pump bushings
Steel pilot bushings for precise, no hassle transmission alignment
Quick disconnect hose fittings for rapid test throughput
Precision Alignment Adapters

SuperFlow's precision alignment tooling guarantees that the transmission input shaft and torque converter hub will be properly aligned with the input drive motor on the dynamometer. This prevents conditions found on other dynamometers where misalignment of the transmission input causes pump failures and ruins pump bushings and converter hubs on new rebuilds during testing. The multi position turret holds the transmission master plate centered to the input drive. The flex plate bolts to the back of the torque converter using spool spacers to set converter depth and also drive the converter. The pilot bushing aligns the torque converter and flexplate to the input drive. The transmission is then mounted to the master using precision dowel pins for alignment. Once the transmission is mounted, the splined output adapter is installed and the electric shuttle motors drive the load unit up to the output shaft. Detailed setup sheets show operators how to properly mount differnet transmissions.

Push Button Machine Controls

The SuperShifter Pro Operator Console includes several features to make operating the Axiline 97000 transmission dyno easy and safe. Two setpoint controllers allow for manual adjustment of input speed and output load. Input speed is set in RPM using the rotary knob. The knobs adjustment range can be set to fine, medium and coarse adjustment directly on the touch screen next to the knob. The load control knob can be set to control to either percentage of load from 0-100% or to output torque in lb.ft. on dynos equipped with output torque measurement. This knobs adjustment range can also be set for fine, medium or coarse adjustment. Eight buttons provide complete control of common machine and transmission functions like; solenoid control on/off, upshift, downshift, TCC lockup, input motor forward, input motor reverse, brake on/off and table motion power. Button status is shown with the indicator light above each button. The red e-stop button is easy to access in case of emergency. Keyed system power can be used for lock out, tag out and is also popular with technical schools to disable the machine when instructors are not present. The entire operator console is mounted to the side of the 97000 on a swinging are so during operation the user can visually monitor the transmission for leaks. When not in use the console can be swung out of the way to change transmissions on the dyno.

SuperShifter Pro Control Console

The SuperShifter Pro operator console is include with the 97000 transmission tester. It gives users a simple digital interface to control both the dyno and the transmission they are testing along with 8 programmable buttons for machine controls and 2 rotary knobs for easy input RPM and output load adjustment. Five screens within SuperShifter Pro provide the necessary tools to fully develop, test or diagnose transmissions. Popular features of SuperShifter Pro include; individual control of up to 12 solenoids, built in resistance tests and manual shift tests to diagnose under performing solenoids and other conditions that lead to harsh shifts. The easy-to-read digital displays for pressure switches, PRNDL, input RPM, left output, right output and gear ratio make it easy to understand how the transmission is performing. Input RPM can be selected manually or closed loop PID controlled to RPM. Output load can also be selected manually as a percentage of load or closed loop controlled to output torque. Electronic pressure control solenoids and lockup solenoids can also be tested and controlled via the on screen interface. The console is mounted on swinging arms so it can be moved out of the way while changing transmissions.

SuperShifter Pro Features

Precise control of input speed and output load
Individual control of up to 12 solenoids
Tests most modern late-model transmissions
Transmission lookup tool that serached by make and model
Built-in solenoid current and resistance tests
Real-time digital displays for:
PRNDL (when available)
pressure switches (when available)
TOT (when equipped)
gear ratio
clutch pressures
machine pressure
Continuously monitors all critical parameters
Modulated duty cycle and frequency range
Edits shift files for customized testing
Computer controlled
Learn and save mode to expedite solenoid testing
Auto shift (time delay)
PWM programming screen with delay
Hot and cold solenoid pass fail testing
Eddy current load unit control
Pump and machine on off control
Motor direction control
PID setpoint control on input speed
Continuing software updates
Current measurement at 16-bit resolution

Informasi Pemesanan dan Pembelian Hubungi :
Telepon: (021) 29563045
Mobile: 0821 2505 4143 & 0877 8830 6414
Email : sales@testindo•com
Whatsapp : 0813 9929 1909

Website : http://www.dynamometerindonesia.com

Harga Alat Uji dan Mesin AXILINE 97000 TRANSMISSION DYNO

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