WE SELL DISTRIBUTOR CAPS FORKLIFT SPARE PARTS -. Contact: 0817-0313-6572 WhatsApp & Tel 0821-4104-5240Next Company Our Profile:CV. Karya Keluarga Diesel is a company engaged in providing various types and brands of DISTRIBUTOR CAPS Forklift with standard Japanese licenses and we are ready to provide support and good after-sales service according to the needs and expectations of customers.We have been trusted by various companies and factories using forklift spare parts that are spread from Sabang to Merauke ranging from small, medium scale, to government and multinational companies.With more than 20 years of experience in forklift spare parts with the most comprehensive collection of products in its class with very high industrial needs, we reach all Indonesia and even internationally by opening the Forklift E-commerce Online Shop operating in Surabaya with the domain name www.forkliftmurah. com,, which is definitely faster, more precise and easier, it is definitely cheaper throughout the country. • We are ready to be your partner to help build your industry acceleration in forklift operations • We prove that we are the most complete, best and cheapest in the field of Forklift Spare PartsCompany Vision To Become the No.1 Forklift Spare Parts Company in INDONESIA that prioritizes quality, speed and customer satisfactionThe Company's mission is to make Indonesia more advanced and develop in business and industry in front of the InternationalOur goal is to become a leading, trusted and leading company in the field of spare bare forklift procurement, as well as providing the best service for every customer. We believe that our goal can be achieved by having a good and solid partnership both from our internal, customer and partner teamsThe key to our customers' satisfaction lies in a number of things including our expertise in providing appropriate product solutions to answer the diverse needs of our customers, the availability of quality and complete products at competitive prices, and on-time delivery to minimize downtime the time of your Forklift unit which will definitely lead to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.Service Range for CV. Karya Keluarga DieselAnd of course you need cheap, best and reliable Expedition services for your cargo shipments, at a low cost, it's time for you to take advantage of our best services, with a wide range of services ranging from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku to Papua with very affordable tariffs .Quality of service is definitely our top priority, so your cargo shipments can arrive sooner at lower shipping prices.Cargo shipping services reach all regency cities in Indonesia with modes of transportation by air, ship, trucking to Pelni ships. With the coverage area of Sumatra Island covering the Province:Aceh : Banda Aceh - Langsa Lhokseumawe - Meulaboh - Sabang - Subulussalam, And surroundingBali : Denpasar, And surroundingBangka Belitung : Pangkalpinang, And surroundingBanten : Celigon - Serang - Tanggerang Selatan - Tanggerang, And surroundingBengkulu : Bengkulu, And surroundingGorontalo : Gorontalo, And surroundingJakarta : Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat - Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat - Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan - Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur - Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara, And surroundingJambi : Sungai Penuh - Jambi, And surroundingJawa Barat : Bandung - Bekasi - Bogor - Cimahi - Cirebon - Depok - Sukabumi - Tasikmalaya - Banjar, And surroundingJawa Tenggah : Magelang - Pekalongan - Purwokerto - Salatiga - Semarang - Surakarta - Tegal, And surroundingJawa Timur : Batu - Blitar - Kediri - Madiun - Malang - Mojokerto - Pasuruan - Probolinggo - Surabaya, And surroundingKalimantan Barat : Pontianak - Singkawang, And surroundingKalimantan Selatan : Banjarbaru - Banjar Masin, And surroundingKalimantan Tengah : Palangkaraya, And surroundingKalimantan Timur : Balikpapan - Bontang - Samarinda, And surroundingKalimantan Utara : Tarakan, And surroundingKepulauan Riau : Batam - Tanjungpinang, And surroundingLampung : Bandar Lampung - Metro, And surroundingMaluku Utara : Ternate - Tidore Kepulauan, And surroundingMaluku : Ambon - Tual, And surroundingNusa Tenggara Barat : Bima - Mataram, And surroundingNusa Tenggara Timur : Kupang, And surroundingPapua Barat : Sorong, And surroundingPapua : Jayapura, And surroundingRiau : Dumai - Pekanbaru, And surroundingSulawesi Selatan : Makassar - Palopo - Parepare, And surroundingSulawesi Tengah : Palu, And surroundingSulawesi Tenggara : Palu - Bau Bau - Kendari, And surroundingSulawesi Utara : Bitung - Kotamobagu - Manado - Tomohon, And surroundingSumatera Barat : Bukittinggi - Padang - Padangpanjang - Pariaman - Payakumbuh - Sawahlunto - Solok, And surroundingSumatera Selatan : Lubuklinggau - Pagaralam - Palembang - Prabumulih, And surroundingSumatera Utara : Binjai - Medan - Padang Sidempuan - Pematangsiantar - Sibolga - Tanjungbalai - Tebingtinggi, And surroundingYogyakarta : Yogyakarta, And surroundingFollowing are Shipping Expeditions for Our Forklift Spare Parts:Serving Shipping via TIKI, JNE, Wahana, J & T, Rosalia Express, Soekini, Sadana, Adam Express, Papandayan, SRA Cargo, LION Parsel, Alpha Sigma, Merah Jaya, Duta Cargo, Buana Langgeng Jaya Travel, Bali Prima, Pos Indonesia, Herona , Bandung Express, Sicepat, Afro Angkasa, Papua Trans Cargo, West Jaya Transport, Trans Ambassador, Max Berlian, KI 8, KA LOG, Himeji, BPC, Dakota Cargo, GO-JEK Indonesia, GRAB Indonesia, or other expedition shipping services chill by the customer. Note: We also serve purchases from abroadSo we are ready to send your order wherever you are.Immediately contact us now, because we will serve you with pleasure.Mr. Romeo: 0817-0313-6572 WhatsApp and TelephoneMs. Chyntia: 0821-4104-5240 WhatsApp and TelephoneOffice Address: Bubutan 82 A, Telephone Office 031-5329714Email: sales@forkliftmurah.comWebsite: www.dealerforkliftpartmurah.comWebsite: www.forkliftmurah.comFORKLIFT DISTRIBUTOR CAPS the cheapest guaranteed price. Contact: 0817-0313-6572 WhatsApp & Tel 0821-4104-5240Product description-Made of quality materials and licenses from Japan-Easy installation without the need to change other parts-Can be used at high temperature so it is safe to use for 24-hour factory industrial activitiesOur Satisfaction Guarantee:1. We guarantee product 2 x 24 hours from receipt if there is damage caused by product quality and not an installation error or anything else2. Products can be returned if they are not in accordance with the quality that we convey above3. Return 100% money if the product is not suitable and is not a mistake of requesting goods from the customerImmediately contact us now, because we will serve you with pleasure.Mr. Romeo: 0817-0313-6572 WhatsApp and TelephoneMs. Chyntia: 0821-4104-5240 WhatsApp and TelephoneOffice Address: Bubutan 82 A, Telephone Office 031-5329714Email: sales@forkliftmurah.comWebsite: www.dealerforkliftpartmurah.comWebsite: www.forkliftmurah.comWe also provide spare parts forklifts of various brands as belowAlternator,Camshaft,Camshaft Bearing Set,Carburetor,Carburetor Rebulid Kit,Connecting Rod,Conecting Rod Bearing,Crankshaft,Crankshaft Bearing Set,Cylinder Head,Cylinder Head Gasket,Cylinder Liner,Engine Gear,Distributor Cap,Distributor,Cylinder Liner Set,Engine Mounting,Engine Mounting Stabilizer,Engine Overhaul Kit,Flywheel Assemblie,Fuel Cut Solenoid,Flywheel,Flywheel Houshing,Flywheel Gear Ring,Fuel Feed Pump,Fuel Pump,Glow Plug,Ignition Wire Set,Inlet Exhaust Valve,Injector,Injection Pump Head,Injection Pump,Intake Exhaust Valve Seat,Nozzle,Oil Pressure Switch,Oil Pump,Rotor Head,Rocker Arm Assemblie,Piston Ring Set,Piston,Spark Plug,Starter,Thrust Washer Set,Valve Guide,Water Temp Sender,Valve SealHere are some Forklift Brands besides the Forklift Spare Parts that we sellTo ask for the Price List of Forklift Spare Parts can directly contact us:Forklift Komatsu2. Forklift Toyota3. Forklift Mitsubishi4. Forklift Caterpillar5. Forklift TCM6. Forklift Nissan7. Forklift Isuzu8. Forklift Hyundai9. Forklift CAT10. Forklift Hitachi1 Forklift Doosan12. Forklift Kobelco13. Forklift Yanmar14. Forklift Excavator15. Forklift Nichiyu16. Forklift Xinchai17. Forklift Dancai18. Forklift Quanchai19. Forklift Wanfeng20. Forklift Lonking2 Forklift Hyster22. Forklift Heli23. Forklift Linde24. Forklift Perkins25. Forklift Yale26. Forklift JungheinrichOther Chinese ForkliftsThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Engine Parts Spare Parts that we sell:Altenators / Dinamo AmpereCamshafts / Noken AsCamshaft Bearing Sets / Bearing Noken asCarburetors / karburatorCarburetors Rebulid Kits / karburatorConnectings Rods / Stang Seher / Stang SekerConecting Rod Bearing / Metal Jalan / Metal Stang SekerCrankshafts / Kruk As / Krek AsCrankshaft Bearing Sets / Metal Duduk / Metal Block CylinderCylinder Heads / Cylinder Head / Cylinder Kop / Silinder KopCylinder Head Gaskets / Gasket Cylinder kop / Packing KopCylinder Liner / Boring / lener / Liner kitCylinder Liner Sets / Boring Set / liner SetDistributors / DistributorDistributors CapsEngine Gears / Gear Mesin / Gir MesinEngine Mounts / Pangkon Mesin / StabiliserEngine Mounting Stabilizers / Karet Pangkon MesinEngine Overhaul Kits / Oh kit /Flyweel Assemblies / Roda gilaFlyweel Gear Rings / Gigi Roda GilaFlyweel Houshings / Housing Roda GilaFlywheels / Roda GilaFuel Cut Solenoids / Solenoid SolarFuel Feed Pumps / Pompa Solar / pompa BospomFuel Pumps / Pompa solarGlow Plugs / Busi PemanasIgnition Wire Sets / CableInjection Pumps / Bosch PompInjection Pump Heads / bosh pumpInjectors / Injek torInlet / Exhaust Valve / Valve In / valve Ex / KlepIntake / Exhaust Valve SeatsNozzles / NozzleOil Pressure Switches / Switch OliOil Pumps / Pompa OliPistons / Seker / SeherPiston Ring Sets / Piston Ring / Ring Seher / Ring SekerRocker Arm Assemblies / Ass ManukanRotor Head / Distributor HeadSpark PlugsStarters / Dinamo Stater / Dinamo ListrikThrust Washer Sets / Metal BulanValve Guides / ValveValve Seals / Seal ValveWater Temp Senders / Water TemperatureCylinder Block / Cylinder Block / Block SilinderCylinder Head / Cylinder Kop / Silinder HeadLiner Cylinder / LinerPiston Assy / Seher / SekerPacking Set OverhaulConnecting ROD / StangBushing Con Rod / BoshingMetal Kit / Metal setRadiatorWater Pump / Water pumpInjection Pump / BOsh PumpWork Equipment / Perlengkapan Lainnyadan masih banyak lainnyaThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Cooling Parts Spare Parts that we sell:Fan Blades / Kipas Radiator / KipasRadiatorRadiator Hoses / Selang RadiatorThermostats / ThermostateWater Pumps / Water PumpThe Following Are Various Components Forklift Spare Parts Filter Parts that we sell:Air Cleaner Assemblies / Air CleanerAir Filter / Filter UdaraEngine Inlet Hoses / Selang masukEngine Outlet Hoses / Selang RadiatorFuel Filter / Filter SolarFuel Filter Assemblies / Filter Solar AssyHyd. Suction Filter / Hydraulic FilterHyd. Return Filter / Filter HydraulicOil Filter / Oli FilterStrainer / StrainnerTransmission Filter / Transmision FilterThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Transmission Parts Spare Parts that we sell:Charging Pump Oil SealsClucth Cover / Matahari / DekrupClucth Disc / Plate kopling / Kampas KoplingClucth Pack AssembliesClutch Pack Seal RingsFriction Plates / PlateGear dan Pinions / GearPropeller Shaft AssembliesSolenoid ValvesSteel PlatesSynchronizer AssembliesSynchronizer RingsTor-con Input PlatesTorque Converter HousingsTouque ConvertersTransmission AssembliesTransmission Case MountsTrans. Charging PumpsTransmission GearsTransmission HousingsTranssmission O/H KitsThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Hydraulic Part Spare Parts that we sell:Clucth Master Cylinders / Master Cylinder AtasClucth Release Cylinders / Master Cylinder BawahControl ValveControl Valve KitHydraulic Pump / Pompa HydraulicHydraulic Pump Drive Shaft / Drive ShaftHydraulic Return HosesHydraulic Suction HosesOrbitrolOrbitrol KitHere are the Various Components of the Forklift Brake Part Spare Parts that we sell:AdjustersBrake AssembliesBrake Drum & HubsBrake ShoesBrake Assy KitsFront HubsMaster CylinderMaster Cylinder KitParking Brake CablesShoe-hold Pin KitsWheel CylindersWheel Cylinder KitThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Steering Part Spare Parts that we sell:Center ArmsKing PinKing Pin KitKnucklesNeedle BearingSelf Lubricating BearingSteering AxleSteering Axle AssembliesSteering Axle BushingSteering CylinerSteering Cyliner Seal KitSteering HubSteering Hub BoltSteering Link CollarSteering Link PinSteering LinkThrust BearingThe Rod EndThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Chassis Part Spare Parts that we sell:Accelerator CableChassis Accessories & CoverEngine Hood CableExhaust PipesFlameout CableGas SpringInching CableMufflerPedel SpringRear-View MirrorSeatSafety BeltShift Cable The Following Are Various Components of Forklift Mast Part Spare Parts that we sell:ForkFork ExtentionLift Cylinder AssemblieLift Cylinder Seal KitLoad BackrestMast AssemblieMast BushingMast ChainMast Chain SheavesMast RollerMast Side RollerTilt Cylinder AssemblieTilt Cylinder PinTilt Cylinder Seal KitThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Electrical Parts Spare Parts that we sell:Back Up AlarmsBlue/Red Spot Safety LightsBulbsComb. Lamp SwitchesComb. Switch AssembliesCombination Meter AssembliesFront Comb. LampsForward & Reverse SwitchesFusesFuses BoxesFuel Level Sending UnitsHead LampsHornsIgnition SitchesNetral Safety SwitchesRear Comb. LampsRear Lamp BracketsRed Zone Warning LightsRelaysReverse SwitchesStrobe LampsStop Light SwitchesThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Electrical Forklift Parts Spare Parts that we sell:AcceleratorsBall Screw RodsCarbon BrushesConnectorConnector HandlesContactors & KitsControllersCooler MotorDC-DC CommutatorsDrive MotorEmergency Stop SwitchesHandheld ProgrammersHydraulic MotorIGBTJoysticksLift SensorsPower Steering Actuator AssemblesRotary Position Sensor KitsSpeed SensorsTorque SensorsTraction Battery ChargesWiper MotorsThe Following Are Various Components of Forklift Wheel Parts, Rim, Tires & Presses that we sell:Tyres / VelgTyre PressesWheel RimsPolyurethane (PU) WheelsEverything you search for we have stock.We Sell Forklift Tires we also sell various kinds and sizes (size) of other forklift tires:Ban Forklift Bridgestone2. Ban Forklift Gajah Tunggal3. Ban Forklift Royal Crown4. Ban Forklift Advance5. Ban Forklift Greckster6. Ban Forklift Armour7. Ban Forklift Isolid8. Ban Forklift Deestone9. Ban Forklift Achiles10. Ban Forklift Aichi11. Ban Forklift BKT12. Ban Forklift Continental13. Ban Forklift Otani14. Ban Forklift Dunlop15. DllHere are various brands for the type of Selling Solid Forklift Tires / Forklift Dead Tires:Ban Solid Bridgestone2. Ban Solid Aichi3. Ban Solid Dunlop4. Ban Solid Armour5. Ban Solid Heung Ah6. Ban Solid Grecster7. Ban Solid Royal Crown8. Ban Solid Ascendo9. DllHere are various brands for selling Pneumatic Forklift Tires / Forklift Life Tires with a variety of batikan tire developments such as U-Lug and J-LugBan Pneumatic Bridgestone2. Ban Pneumatic Gajah Tunggal Super Grip3. Dll The following specifications and size Sell forklift tires that we sell:Forklift Tires 2.50-15 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires2. Forklift Tires 3.00 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires3. Forklift Tires 3.50-15 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires4. 4.00 - 8 Forklift Tires / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 ton Forklift Rear Tires5. Forklift Tires 5.00 - 8 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires6. Forklift Tires 5.00 - 12 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires7. Forklift Tires 5.50 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires8. Forklift Tires 6.00 - 9 / Forklift Front Tires / 2.5 Ton Forklift Rear Tires9. Forklift Tires 6.50 - 10 / Forklift Front Tires / 3 ton Forklift Rear Tires10. Forklift Tires 6.00 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires11. Forklift Tires 7.00 - 12 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires12. Forklift Tires 7.00 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires13. Forklift Tires 7.50 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires14. Forklift Tires 7.50 - 16 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires15. Forklift Tires 8.15 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires16. Forklift Tires 8.25 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires / Forklift Rear Tires17. 9.00 - 20 Forklift Tires / Heavy Equipment Tires18. Forklift Tires 10.00 - 20 / Heavy Equipment Tires19. 12.00 - 20 Forklift Tires / Heavy Equipment Tires20. Forklift Tires 16 x 6 - 8 / Forklift Tires21. 18 X 7 - 8 Forklift Tires / Forklift Tires22. Forklift tires 21 x 8 - 9 / Forklift tires23. Forklift Tires 23 x 9 - 10 / Forklift Tires24. Forklift Tires 23 x 10 - 12 / Forklift Tires25. Forklift Tires 28 x 9 - 15 / Forklift Front Tires26. Etc.Want to Order Our Hitachi Forklift Spare Parts Via Marketplace:Untuk bertransaksi di Tokopedia Anda bisa lansung klik disiniImmediately contact us now, because we will serve you with pleasure.Mr. Romeo: 0817-0313-6572 WhatsApp and TelephoneMs. Chyntia: 0821-4104-5240 WhatsApp and TelephoneOffice Address: Bubutan 82 A, Telephone Office 031-5329714Email: sales@forkliftmurah.comWebsite: www.dealerforkliftpartmurah.comWebsite: www.forkliftmurah.comHere are the various Heavy Equipment Spare Parts that we sell:ExcavatorBullDozerWheel LoaderCraneMotor GraderHeavy Equipment LainyaThank You


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