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Alat Uji dan Mesin Endurance Testing


Spesifikasi Alat Uji dan Mesin Endurance Testing

Alat Uji dan Mesin

Main Features:

Automatic control for fully unattended testing
Powerful schedule generator
Meets US EPA and European cycle requirements
Low maintenance, high accuracy, and efficiency
Data acquisition and monitoring
Host file server and networking facility
Hofmann have been involved in the supply of Mileage Accumulation Chassis Dynamometer test systems from the earliest requirements for the regulatory U.S.E.P.A. 50, 000 miles, exhaust system endurance testing. With the development of our product capability and the increasing demands for more sophisticated test requirements from our customers, this application has evolved into a fully flexible Automated Test solution. These systems now include a Chassis Dynamometer, an integrated Robot Driver, automated fuel filling units, comprehensive Data Acquisition, airspeed simulation fans, automated safety guards and security systems for unattended operation 24hrs a day / 7 days a week – collectively providing a highly effective, advanced endurance or rapid development test facility.

As the capability of the systems has increased, the Test Engineers have been able to produce more intricate simulations of real world situations under controlled conditions. What used to be called a “Mileage Accumulation Facility” now also provides a variety of dedicated and sophisticated tests for powertrain development. The traditional Mileage Accumulation Facility remains a semi-outdoor installation; however today you are as likely to find the Froude Hofmann automated systems installed in test chambers where the automation of the testing process is extremely beneficial.

The unique ability of Hofmann to engineer and integrate all the devices into one complete test automation system realises many features and benefits for the test engineer, including; reduced interfaces and controllers, fully integrated control and data acquisition, synchronisation of test cell sub systems (robot driver, automated fuel filling systems, airspeed simulation fan), automated drive cycle control and monitoring and effective integration of all the safety systems.

The core of the system is a comprehensive schedule generator function for creating, editing and executing the automated drive cycles. This utility in conjunction with the Robot Driver system; provides a highly capable “real world” or regulatory simulation package with human driving capability and fully automatic operation of all the vehicle function.

Standard mileage accumulation cycles are pre-programmed and special and/or complex cycles are easily generated using the schedule generator or road gathered data functions.


Hofmann supply a range of Vehicle Test System products to the automotive and commercial vehicle markets which are specifically designed for testing passenger cars, light to heavy-duty trucks, motor cycles, buses, agricultural vehicles, and specific component subassemblies.

Applications are as varied as follows:

Climatic test, simulating extreme hot and cold operating conditions
Low noise (<45dBA)
Gale force winds
Prolonged high speed operation (>250 km/hour)
Condensed vehicle life tests (>100,000 miles)
Various AC motor and roll configurations are available, either in-line, or centre mounted (M.I.M.). Inertia simulation ranges cover motorcycles to heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

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Harga Alat Uji dan Mesin Endurance Testing

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PT TESTINDO Merupakan SOLUSI #1 dalam Monitoring System & Control System INDONESIA, Produk & Jasa yang kami sediakan diantaranya:Produk: - Rubber Testing Equipment (Rheometer,Mooney Viscometer,Ozone Tester Chamber,Tensile Strength Tester,Aging Oven Tester Dll)- Sensor & Tranducer- Non Destructive Testing- Sound Level Meter- Alat Uji Tanah (Soil Test)- Data Logger (Temperature & Humidity Data Logger,Alat Ukur Suhu)- Borescope- Balancing Machine- Laser Alignment- Tank Level Monitoring- Universal Testing Machine- Oil AnalysisJasa Engineering:- Monitoring System Customize- Control System Customize- Integrated Online Monitoring - Condition Monitoring- Repair & Upgrade Service Kami memiliki pengalaman dalam berbagai aplikasi monitoring system & control system di indonesia sebagai berikut: - B2TKS BPPT (2010)- Bump Test Services:(Analisis Frekuensi Pribadi) produk Velg- Bali (2009): Sistem Monitoring dan Analisis Bunyi Alat Kesenian- PU (Pusjatan) Bandung (2009): Sistem Monitoring Jembatan- Bahtera Indoamplas Gemilang (2010): Up-Grade Material Testing Machine- STPI Curug (2009): Energy Power Data Acquisition & Analyzer- Teknik Mesin Universitas Bengkulu (2009): Dynamic signal analyzer- Universitas Bengkulu (2009): Data akuisisi dan sensor untuk Pengujian Mekanik dan Listrik- UGM Yogyakarta (2010): Data akuisisi untuk pengujian struktur sipil- Universitas Atma Jaya Yogjakarta (2010): Sistem Monitoring untuk Pengujian Sipil- PLN Pusharlis Bandung (2011): Turbine System Monitoring 16 channel - Indonesia Power UP Mrica (2011): Vibration Monitoring- Lembaga Sandi Negara (2011): Dynamic Signal Analyzer- ABB Installation Materials (2010): Desain fuse test (100% QC)- Jembatan Suramadu (2007-2009): Desain Instrumentasi pada project Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) Keuntungan Anda Memilih Kami, Sebagai Solusi Permasalahan Anda, Adalah :- Garansi After Sales - Support Engineering Berpengalaman & Handal- Harga Kompetitif Dengan Teknologi TerbaikUntuk Informasi Lebih Lanjut Seperti Spesifikasi Lengkap,Video Atau Katalog Anda Dapat Mengunjungi Website Kami Di www.testindo.com & www.testingindonesia.com Atau Segera Hubungi Kontak Dibawah Ini:Pt TestindoOffice:Jl.Radin Inten No 61 B Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur - IndonesiaTelp (021) - 2956 3045Fax: (021) - 2956 3052Email:sales@testindo.comWebsite:www.testingindonesia.com | www.testindo.com

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