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Fieldpiece SM480V - Four Port Wireless SMAN Manifold with Micron Gauge and Yellow Jacket 22985 Hoses

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Spesifikasi Fieldpiece SM480V - Four Port Wireless SMAN Manifold with Micron Gauge and Yellow Jacket 22985 Hoses

Fieldpiece SM480V - Four Port Wireless SMAN Manifold with Micron Gauge and Yellow Jacket 22985 Hoses

Four valve manifold with micron gauge

  • Replacement for SMAN400 series
  • Wireless range of 350 feet
  • Rugged construction - designed for use in the field

The Fieldpiece SM480V is a four port digital manifold with micron gauge. The SM480V is the direct replacement for the SMAN400 series (SMAN440 and SMAN460) and does not require the JL2 transmitter for wireless connections.

Designed for Performance

Knowledge, power and experience are packed into the newly designed SMAN Refrigerant Manifolds. Years of feedback from A/C and refrigeration specialists is combined with Fieldpiece's laser focus on continuous improvement to bring you the toughest, most advanced digital refrigerant manifold on the market.

From the extremely rugged overmolded casing, reinforced hook, and hermetically sealed sight glass, to the wireless capabilities, data logging, and tightness test, the SM480V is built so you can do your job easier, faster and better.

Simply Strong

The new SM480V is simply strong. The heavy duty casing, reinforced hook, water resistance, impact resistant screen, strategically placed thermocouple ports, and hermetically sealed sight glass, all ensure the SMANs are ready to withstand the rigors of field use.

Packed with Knowledge

The SM480V is designed to work the way you do with advanced features to streamline your job and provide your customers with the answers they need.

Data Logging
  • Stores up to 9 jobs internally
  • Easy download via USB port
  • Displays % free storage space before logging begins
  • Logs up to 7 days (168 continuous hours)
Tightness Test
  • Check for leaks after repairs or installations
  • View pressure differential over time
  • Timer tracks duration of test
  • Temperature compensated with SL temp to avoid false positives



  • Adjust auto power off duration
  • Adjust back light duration
  • Set high and low vacuum alarms
  • Select each unit of measurement individually

Receives Wireless Measurements

The SM480V is also compatible with several wireless tools from Fieldpiece, including the JL3RH psychrometer, JL3PC pipe clamp and SRS3 refrigerant scale. Place pipe clamps in the perfect location. Monitor and record live refrigerant usage for precise recovery, charging, and documentation. View live air measurements and calculations while making adjustments. Please note - the JL3RH, SRS3 and JL3PC are sold separately. 



Increase Professionalism with Job Link System App
Streamline and simplify your call even further with the Job Link System App. See your measurements up to 350' away on your mobile device. Document your work and provide professional reports, including refrigerant weight usage, by simply connecting to the Job Link System app. Helps to reduce call-backs and increase profits.

  • View measurements on SMAN and/or in Job Link App
  • Monitor and record refrigerant weight
  • Direct 350' wireless range (no transmitter needed)

In The Box

  • SM480V
  • (2) TC24 Wired Type-K Pipe Clamp Thermocouple
  • (1) ATA1 Type-K Bead Thermocouple with Clip
  • (1) ANC11 Padded Drawstring Case
  • Yellow Jacket 22985 hoses (60" long with low loss fittings)

Manufacturer Specs

DisplayLVD (5 inches diagonal)
BacklightBlue (adjustable duration)
Over Range DisplayOL for pressure, ----for temperature
Auto Power Off30 minutes of inactivity (adjustable)
Maximum Manifold Pressure800 Psig (5500 kPa)
Battery Type6x AA Alkaline
Battery Life350 hours typical (without vacuum, backlight, and wireless)
Radio Frequency2.4 GHz
Wireless Range350 feet (106 meters) line of sight
Distance decreases through obstructions
Data PortMicro USB (for extracting logged data or updating firmware)
Operating Environment32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <75% RH
Storage Environment-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) at <80% RH (with battery removed)
Temperature Coefficient0.1 x (specified accuracy) per °C (0°C to 18°C, 28°C to 50°C), per 1.8°F (32°F to 64°F, 82°F to 122°F)
Weight4.03 lbs (1.83 kg)
Water ResistantDesigned to IP54
US Patentwww.fieldpiece.com/patents
RefrigerantsNew refrigerants are continually being added so be sure to visit www.fieldpiece.com for the latest firmware
Sensor TypeAbsolute pressure sensors
Port Type(3) 1/4" standard NPT male flare fittings (SM380V)
(1) 3/8" and (3) 1/4" standard NPT male flare fittings (SM480V)
Pressure Range and Units580 Psig (English), 40.00 Bar (Metric), 4,000 MPa (Metric), and 4000 kPa (Metric)
Negative Pressure Range Units29 inHg (English), 74 cmHg (Metric)
Resolution0.1 Psig; 0.01 Bar; 0.001 MPa; 1 kPa; 0.1 inHg; 1 cmHg
Negative Pressure Accuracy29 inHg to 0 inHg: ±0.2 inHg; 75 cmHg to 0 cmHg: ±1 cmHg
Pressure Accuracy0 Psig to 200 Psig: ±1 Psig; 200 Psig to 580 Psig: ±(0.3% of readings + 1 Psig); 0 Bar to 13.78 Bar: ±0.07 Bar; 13.78 Bar to 40.00 Bar: ±(0.3% of readings + 0.07 Bar); 0 MPa to 1.378 MPa: ±0.007 MPa; 1.378 MPa to 4.000 MPa: ±(0.3% of readings + 0.007 MPa); 0 kPa to 1378 Kpa: ±7 kPa; 1378 kPa to 4000 kPa: ±(0.3% of readings + 7 kPa)
Sensor TypeType K thermocouple (nickel chromium/nickel aluminum)
Jack Type(3) Type K thermocouple
Range-50°F to 257°F (-46°C to 125°C), limited by thermocouple specification. Display range is -95°F to 999.9°F (-70°C to 537.0°C)
Resolution0.1°F (0.1°C)
Accuracy*Shown accuracies are after field calibration
±(1.0°F) -95°F to 200°F, ±(2.0°F) 200°F to 999.9°F; ±(0.5°C) -70°C to 93°C, ±(1.0°C) 93°C to 537.0°C
Deep Vacuum
Sensor TypeThermistor
Port Type(3) 1/4" standard NPT male flare fittings (SM380V)
(1) 3/8" and (3) 1/4" standard NPT male flare fittings (SM480V)
Range and Units50 to 9999 microns of mercury (English)
6 to 1330 pascals (Metric)
0.06 to 13.3 mBar (Metric)
50 to 9999 mTorr (Metric)
0.05 to 10 Torr (Metric, equivalent to mmHg)
Best Resolution1 micron of mercury (below 2000 microns)
1 Pascal (below 250 Pascals)
0.001 mBar (below 2.5 mBar)
1 mTorr (below 2000 mTorr)
0.001 Torr (below 2.5 Torr)
Accuracy @ 77°F (25°C)±(5% of reading + 5 microns of mercury)
±(5% of reading + 1 Pascal)
±(5% of reading + 0.01 mBar)
±(5% of reading + 5 mTorr)
±(5% of reading + 0.005 Torr)
Wireless CompatibilityLatest compatibility at www.fieldpiece.com
Job Link System Minimum Device RequirementBLE 4.0 devices running iOs 7.1 or Android Kitkat 4.4
Wireless Measurement Source AssignmentsSuction line temperature: Fieldpiece model JL3PC (set to blue)
Liquid line temperature: Fieldpiece model JL3PC (set to red)
Supply air psychrometer: Fieldpiece model JL3RH (set to blue)
Return air psychrometer: Fieldpiece model JL3RH (set to red)
Refrigerant weight scale: Fieldpiece model SRS3, SRS3P


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