Overhead Travelling Kren - Hoist Swf Krantechnik

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Spesifikasi Overhead Travelling Kren - Hoist Swf Krantechnik


PT. Kharismapratama Abadisejatindo was established on September 31, 1993  to serve:

a.The agro base industries such as : Palm Oil Mills (Pabrik Kelapa Sawit/mesin PKS), Kernel Plants (mesin PKO).

b. General Industries such as : Oleochemical Industry, Steel Mills, Wood Base Factories,

Ice Factories, etc.


An engineering and trading company, specializing in supplying Palm Oil / Palm Kernel Oil Equipment (Mesin Pabrik Kelapa Sawit/Pabrik Kernel) :


a.         Screw Press P10, P15 and  P20

b.         Digester 3000 L, 3500 L, 4000 L, 5000 L

c.         King Cracker / Ripple Mill (4 T, 6 T, 8T, 10T)

d.         Rotary Brush Strainer

e.         Sludge Centrifuge 3000, 6000, NSC 8000, NSC 10000

f.          Vacuum Oil Drier

g.         Transfer Carriage

h.         Continuous Sterilizer (CS)

i.          Spareparts & Services

2. Brand KHUN HENG - YKL:

a.         Empty Bunch Shredder Machine (KH-77)

b.         Empty Bunch Press (KH-777)

c.         FFB Splitter Machine (KH-7),   Bunch Crusher (KH 7.60)

d.         EFB Super Press SP3

e.         Palm Kernel Oil – Machine (Expeller Press Kernel model :YTH 9.15S,

Hammer Mill model YTH-7.100, Filter Press model : YTH 7.40)

f.          Waste Water Treatment Machine: Rotary Drum Dehydration Belt Filter Press (YH – 1500L / YH-2000)/ Triple Belt Dehydration Belt Filter Press (CH-1500L / CH-2000)

g.         Sparepart & Service

3. Brand PMT

a. Sand Cyclone

b.  Vibrating Screen

c. Vacuum Oil Dryer

4. Brand WANG YUEN

a.         Sterilizer Door

b.         Spareparts & Service

5. Brand TIMBMET

a.         Super Cracker

b.         Vibro Vibrating Screen (Single & Double Deck)

c.         Sparepart & Service

6. Brand HOLY

a. Turner Machine for Composting


Fan and HEATER



9. Brand MAX

Chain and Sprocket

10. Brand OBERON

HIGH Quality Lubricant and Grease (Heavy Duty)

11. Brand SWF-Krantechnik:

a. Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

b. Hoist

c. Palm Oil Crane

d. Sparepart & Service

12. Brand DEMAG:

a.         Gondola

b.         Crane/HoistSparepart & Service


a. Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

b. Hoist

c. Sparepart & Service

14. Brand SUPERCUT:

a. Palm harvesting Tools (Sickle, Chisel, net, etc)

b. Sparepart & Service

15. Brand DNR POIMS:

a. Software Monitoring CPO Tank, Kernel Silo, maintenance Mesin Pabrik

b. Software Perkebunan Sawit / Palm Plantation

16. Brand UT - Patria:

a. Compost Turner Model : CT-30

17. Brand FOSS – NIR

a.  Alat utk monitor Oil Loss di PKS & Refinery dgn waktu tercepat sekitar 1 menit

18. Brand SPEC (Sovereign Palm oil Extractor – Cleanser)

a. Bio Surfactant that enchances Oil Extraction & Cleanses POME (Increase Production OER by 0.3%- 0,4%, enchances DOBI and reduces FFA, Improve POME Cleansing, reduces Total Solids (TS), Reduces BOD & COD Level significantly, Reduce Retention Time in anaerobic Pond, Improve Biogas quality)

For General   Industries equipment such as:

1. Hoist and Crane (Wire Rope hoist, chain hoist, crab trolley,

explosion proof crane for the single girder / monorail track /

double girder crane)

2. Gondola (Building Maintenance System)

We are also doing the Mechanical and Electrical Works for the above equipment.


We have well trained, technically competent, administrative and sales staff in this company and we have our Regional office in Medan as headquarter with very specialized technical know how and service in the field of material handling system, especially in Palm Oil Mill/ PKS (Pabrik Kelapa Sawit)

8 Reasons why Dealing with us:

- Experience in this field since 1978.

- Trusted to supply from the well known brand in this field since

1993 such as:

CB, Wang Yuen, Khun Heng, Demag (since 1978), SWF Krantechnik, KONECRANES, HOLY

- Technical Staff that well trained and have lot of experience

- Trusted to supply many customers, especially in Palm Oil field.

- Trusted to consult several Palm Oil Mills in Sumatera

- Provide After Sales Service (Inspection Service, Service

Contracts, On Call Service, Training Service, General Overhaul,

Supervise and Installation)

- Provide Upgrading & Refurbishment Service

- Provide Information, Presentation, Enquiry for New Invention

Product (i.e. Registered & Patent Right FFB Splitter ™, New

System of Palm Oil Crane, etc)


- Ready stock spareparts (worm screw, press cage, sterilizer door

packing, repair/recondition sterilizer door, re-meshing vibrating screen (20", 30", 40"), nozzle for centrifuge, rotor bar, ripple plate, travel wheel, flat cable,S1A Track/C-Track, etc)

- Maintenance Contract (crane, sludge centrifuge, etc)

- Modernization

- On call service & Inspection

- Technical Consulting


Medan Office

CP: Eric Tanujaya, ST

Mobile: 081361141950 / 06177805047

Telp: +62-61-8469822/+62-61-8469806/+62-618472878/+62-61-77805047/+62-61-77883141/+62-61-77883142

Website: www.kharisma-sawit.com

E-mail: sales.medan@kharisma-sawit.com ; sparepart.medan@kharisma-sawit.com

Jakarta Representative

CP: Freddy Tanujaya, ST

Mobile: 08164833006

Telp: +62-21-70011387/+62-21-30553301/+62-21-30553302 

Fax Jakarta: +62-21-6345859
E-mail: sales.jakarta@kharisma-sawit.com ; sparepart.jakarta@kharisma-sawit.com

Find us in:

1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/kharisma_sawit

2. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PT-Kharismapratama-Abadisejatindo/190817757640856

3. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/mesinsawit

4. Linkedin: https://id.linkedin.com/pub/pt-kharismapratama-abadisejatindo/46/235/b49

5. On TV: https://www.themessagegroup.com.au/last-nights-news.php?title=20090510-PalmOil Mill Machine-www.kharisma~~sawit.com_create.html

6. Blog: https://mesinsawit.blogspot.com/

7. Indonetwork:  https://pt_kharismapratama.indonetwork.co.id/

Harga Overhead Travelling Kren - Hoist Swf Krantechnik

: Rp50.000.000

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Produk Lainnya Dari PT Kharisma Pratama Abadi Sejatindo

Sparepart Mesin Pabrik Sawit
Alat Pertanian

Rp 6.000.000

Khun Heng - Ykl Pencacah Tandan Kosong Sawit
Alat Pertanian

Rp 600.000.000

Sparepart Demag Crane
Alat Pertanian

Rp 10.000.000

Cb - Modipalm Digester
Alat Pertanian

Rp 350.000.000

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