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1. Rubber NBR / Rubber NBR (straining butadiene rubber)
NBR is synthetic rubber for the most needed special uses. Its excellent properties are resistant to oil. Even though in oil, this rubber does not expand.
This property is caused by the presence of acrylonitrile in it.

2. Polyurethane is a mixture of materials or the result of isolation between rubber and plastic so that it is found to be a dissolving material that has the advantages of being very friction resistant, wear resistant, resistant to some mild chemicals, stable in cold and hot temperatures. The chemistry of a material or mixture which contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, Polyurethane is a polymeric material that contains various collections of urethane (-NH-CO-O-) formed from the reaction between polyols (alcohols with more than two reactive hydroxyl groups per molecules) with diisocyanate or polymeric isocyanate with the availability of suitable catalysts and additional ingredients.

3. Rubber rugs in the form of rubber sheets are available in various types and sizes, usually called roll carpets. Roll-shaped rubber / rubber carpet can be applied for various uses in various areas such as the following:
rubber sheet for farm area, rubber sheet for industrial area, sports area or gym, parking area or garage, for residential area, for kitchen area or restaurant, bathroom or swimming pool area

4. EPDM Rubber / EPDM Rubber is synthetic rubber. The difference between EPDM and PDM is that EPM can only be vulcanized with peroxide and radiation while EPDM besides the two can also be with sulfur.
5. The main function of the rubber fender system (rubber fender) is to prevent the ship and dock from damage that occurs during the process of docking and when the ship rests. External forces, such as abrasion and other natural factors, are very likely to occur when the ship docked.

6. Silicone rubber (Silicone Rubber) is the most ideal material in making molds that will be duplicated. Produces prints that are flexible, detailed, can make the most complicated prints, and are durable, resistant to chemicals, and can be made quickly, and can dry at room temperature.

7. Neoprene sheet rubber with low temperature flexibility and oil resistance. This rubber is chemically inert and can rot, inspect and crack due to weather exposure. Neoprene rubber is a smooth plate utilizing high-quality neoprene blends. Neoprene rubber is good for use in oil, water, weather, oxidation and sunlight.

Rubber Rolls

Harga Packing Gasket ( Gasket Packing )

Mulia Jaya Packing atau juga di sebut dengan www.tiraiplastikpvc.com berdiri sejak tahun 2000 dan hingga kini masih tetap berdiri. Dengan semangat memberi pelayanan terbaik kepada pelanggan kami tetap hadir melayani pelanggan setia kami.Kami menjual berbagai macam kebutuhan industri seperti : TIRAI PVC, PACKING GASKET & GLAND PACKING,INSULATION,RUBBER dan Bahan bahan industri lainnya.PVC STRIP CURTAIN ( TIRAI PLASTIK CURTAIN )( Tirai Plastik Curtain Yellow Kuning) , PVC STRIP CURTAIN NATURAL CLEAR ( Tirai Plastik Bening ) , PVC STRIP CURTAIN SUPER POLAR ( Tirai Plastik Khusus Dingin ) , PVC STRIP CURTAIN BLUE ( Tirai Plastik Biru ) , PVC STRIP CURTAIN RED ( Tirai plastik merah ) Pvc Strip Curtain Dengan Harga Yang Murah Dan Kualitas Yang Baiki Antara Lain Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow , Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear , Pvc Strip Curtain Clear, Pvc Strip Curtain Red , Pvc Strip Curtain Kuning , Pvc Strip Curtain Super Polar Clear, Pvc Strip Curtain Natural Clear , Pvc Strip Curtain Non Transparan , Pvc Strip Curtain Double Ribbed Yellow , & Pvc Strip Curtain Double Ribbed ClearKami juga menerima pembuatan PVC Strip Curtain langsung jadi ( Tinggal Pasang ) PACKING GASKET & GLAND PACKINGGasket Tombo 1000 , Tombo 1303 , Tombo 1100 , Tombo 1935 , Tombo 1995 , Tombo 1120 , Valqua 1500 , Valqua 1501AC , Valqua 6500 , Valqua 1500AC , klinger Top Graph 2000, Klinger Top Graph 2008, TOMBO NO.9038 G-Flon Packing, NON ASBESTOS BG 1005, VALQUA No.2010 NBR, CR, EPDM, NEOPRENE, Klingersil C-4400 , Klingersil C-4403 , Klingersil C-4500 , Klingersil C-4430 , Thermoseal Klingersil C-4401, Klingersil C-6307, Klingersil C-4300, Klingersil C-6327, , Klingersil C-6307, Klingersil C-4438, Klingersil C-4304, Klingersil C-4106, Klingersil C-4439, Klingersil C-4243Klingerit 100 , Klingerit 200 , , klingerit 1000, Garlock 1000, , Garlock 5500 , Garlock 3000, Garlock 3200.Kami juga menerima pembuatan bikin flange gasketWaktu Oprasional kami : Senin- Sabtu ( Kecuali hari libur ) Jam : 09.15 s/d 16.45 ( GMT+7 )** Jika di hari libur bisa menghubungi kami di nomor online : 0857-8261-4337 **TOKO MULIA JAYA PACKING. Gedung Glodok Jaya Lantai 2 Blok D No 12 Jakarta Barat Email : muliajayapacking@gmail.com Telp : 021-6299207 HP / WA : 0857-8261-4337 ( INDOSAT ) HP / WA : 0812-1280-1185 ( TELKOMSEL ) HP / WA : 0812-1051-0423 ( TELKOMSEL ) Tel / Fax : 021-6299207 Pin BB 5A2F8B2F

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  • Packing Gasket
  • Tirai Pvc Curtain
  • Produk Karet Matt
  • Strip Pvc Curtain
  • Gland Packing
  • Produk Insulation

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