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Polyacrilamide Polymer Anionic Flokulan

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Spesifikasi Polyacrilamide Polymer Anionic Flokulan

UNIFLOC AN-100B  Anionic Flocculant Chemistry dan metode kerja

UNIFLOC AN-100B is a high molecular weight, slightly crosslinked, acrylic polymer emulsion containing acid functional groups. Neutralization with bases converts UNIFLOC AN-100B to viscous solutions of highly swollen polyelectrolytes useful for flocculating suspended oil particles in oilfield treatment aqueous media. Salts of UNIFLOC AN-100B increase the settling rate of suspended solids and condition the particles for separation by filtration, centrifugation, sedimentation or flotation.

UNIFLOC AN-100B is used conveniently, because its low viscosity eliminates the handling difficulties often associated with solutions of high molecular weight polyelectrolyte. To prepare UNIFLOC AN-100B for use, a solution (10% solids content) of a base is added to the diluted emulsion (2% solids content) immediately before treating the suspension.

Features and Benefits

UNIFLOC AN-100B offers:  Improved emulsion stability  Less tendency to gel over a wide range of temperatures  Excellent tolerance to ethylene glycol  Ease in formulating  Improved formulation stability


UNIFLOC AN-100B is a very effective flocculating agent and can further increase the floc size of previously flocculated suspensions. A greater floc promotes faster settling and improves the filtration rate.

Suspended materials may carry a positive electric charge and, therefore, will not interact with inorganic flocculants such as alum, ferric chloride, or with cationic polyelectrolytes. These agents, therefore, cannot produce flocculation of the systems. Examples of such difficult substances are certain suspended organic or inorganic materials from industrial processes, produced and injected waters in oilfields, and commercial or industrial waste streams. Such systems can often be treated successfully with UNIFLOC AN-100B anionic polyelectrolyte. Other suspensions are best handled by adding UNIFLOC AN-100B and a cationic flocculant. In all cases, jar test should be run to establish the most suitable agents and the optimum dosage levels. Method of Use The exact method of use is dependent on the unique challenges presented by the specific application. UNIFLOC AN-100B can be diluted as the emulsion and then added directly to alkaline systems to begin flocculation. For lower pH systems, this product may provide optimal performance if first prepared as 1% water soluble salt solutions.

Typical Properties These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications. Appearance Milk-white liquid Chemical nature Acrylic polymer emulsion Total solids (%) 18 pH as is (at 25°C) 2.9 Density (at 25°C) 1.04 Brookfield Viscosity (mPa.s/cps at 25°C) 40 Preparation of Salt Solutions The table below lists the amount of emulsion, hydroxide and water needed to prepare 1% solutions of the sodium, potassium or ammonium salts of UNIFLOC AN-100B. Add the ingredients in the listed order and agitate until mixing is complete. Stability Freeze Thaw Samples of the emulsion product were stored at -3°C and -18°C for 16 hours (samples froze solid). After four freeze-thaw cycles, UNIFLOC AN-100B flocculant exhibited very good stability. No coagulum or gelling occurred. Thermal Stability Samples of the emulsion product were stored at 50°C and 60°C. After one week at 50°C, UNIFLOC AN-100B flocculant exhibited good stability. However, the product totally gelled between 1-2 days at 60°C.

Formulation and Thermal Stability

UNIFLOC AN-100B was added to different concentrations of ethylene glycol or methanol and placed in a 50°C oven for one week.  Ethylene glycol As the level of ethylene glycol increases from 30 to 50%, the amount of polymer that can be used in the formulation decreases. Limits are: - In 30% ethylene glycol: 30% UNIFLOC AN-100B max. - In 40% ethylene glycol: 25% UNIFLOC AN-100B max. - In 45% ethylene glycol: 20% UNIFLOC AN-100B max. - In 50% ethylene glycol: 20% UNIFLOC AN-100B max.  Methanol As the level of methanol increases from 30 to 50%, the amount of flocculant that can be added decreases only slightly compared to the much larger decrease observed in the ethylene glycol formulation. However, the level of polymer that can be added is lower in methanol than in ethylene glycol. Limits are: - In 30% methanol: 15% UNIFLOC AN-100B max. - In 40% methanol: 15% UNIFLOC AN-100B max. - In 50% methanol: 12% UNIFLOC AN-100B max.

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Harga Polyacrilamide Polymer Anionic Flokulan

About UsUNIKEMIKA is trading company with 2 divisions : 1. Chemical Raw Materials 2. Power & Telecommunication Cable and AccessoriesCHEMICAL DIVISION UNIKEMIKA as an Industrial chemical supplier company providing business-to-business solutions for users of industrial and specialty chemicals in Indonesia. Through our team we offer innovative solutions to a wide range of markets.As experts in the field of chemical distribution, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the highest quality products and solutions, on-time delivery, technical excellence, alongside unparalleled customer service and support.UNIKEMIKA is committed to fostering long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers alike. We are dedicated to working closely with you to provide optimal solutions quickly. UNIKEMIKA is associated with global technology leaders with established products, services, manufacturing and R&D facilities. Through close collaboration with our partners and our proactive sourcing capabilities, we provide a broad range of products, innovative services and tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.Logistic & Inventory ManagementUNIKEMIKA’s value-added services such as logistics and inventory management make us the partner of choice for both customers and suppliers.Through our established warehouse facilities, we offer unrivaled material handling expertise and logistical capabilities to meet your specific needs. Whether hazardous or non-hazardous, liquid or solid, bulk tanked, drummed or bagged, UNIKEMIKA guarantees the safe, professional and competent handling of your chemical products. Benefit from our expertise in product applications and technical requirements.As an additional service, UNIKEMIKA offers an effective Inventory Management process to reduce your working capital whilst improving operational efficiency. Ask us for details on how UNIKEMIKA can reduce the total cost of your chemical distribution supply chain.Industries we serve - Chemicals Division :Gas Sweetening = Alkanolamines, Gas Treating Solvents Paint, Coatings, Inks and Adhesives = Solvents, Glycols, Resin, & other specialty chem Fragrances & Essential oil = Alcohols, Triacetin & Patchouli Oil Oil & Lubricants = Corrosion Inhibitors, specialty additives and more Agrobusiness = Herbicides, Pesticides, Solvents Laundry & Home care Industry = Surfactants, Solvents, & specialty chem Building Chemicals industries = Naphthalenes, Asphalts for waterproofing Ceramics & Glass = Cerium oxides Textile, Leather & Paper = Gum Rosin Infrastructure = Asphalts bitumen 60/70 Detergents & Personal Care = Surfactants, Polymers, Resins Mining & Minerals = Nonyl Phenols, Specialty chemicals Metals & Surface Treatment = Phosponates Pharmaceuticals Formulation & Synthetics OthersPOWER & TELCO CABLE DIVISION PT. UNIKEMIKA ASIA as distributor of PT. Voksel Electric Tbk. focusing on Medium Voltage cables for high spec building and Telecommunication Cables for Metalic and Optical Fibre Cable. All Cables product comply with standard SPLN, IEC, SNI, VDE, BS. Product we serve - Power & Telco Cables Division : Overhead XLPE COvered Overhead Twisted Cable Type NFA2XSY-T Single Core Cable Type N2XCY, NA2XCY Single Core Cable N2XSY, NA2XSY Three Cores Cable N2XSEYFGbY, NA2XSEYFGbY Three Cores Type N2XEYBY, NA2XEYBY Three Cores Type N2XEYBY, NA2XSEYBY Underground Twisted Cable NF2XY, NFA2XSY

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