Rotary Degasser

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Spesifikasi Rotary Degasser

Rotary degasser is designed to degas Hydrogen content and clean non-metallic inclusions in molten Aluminium by using Argon or Nitrogen as purge gas. A shaft injects purge gas into molten below the surface to form bubbles, while the rotating impeller that immerse in molten shears the bubbles into clouds of fine bubbles. These kind of fine bubbles have very large contact surface area and gain more affinity energy to pick Hydrogen molecule up and carry other non-metallic inclusions that float in molten. They rise up together out of the molten surface, releasing Hydrogen in the air and inclusions to dross. The finer bubbles have a longer residence time in the melt, allowing for higher capability of collecting the Hydrogen gas presents more effectively. By the action of rotating, impeller create kinetic mixing between tiny bubbles and molten Aluminium produce rapid degassing and cleaning evenly throughout the vessel. This process gives following results: 1. Removal of hydrogen content 2. Removal of non-metallic inclusions 3. Improve fluidity and cleanliness 4. Clean working environment Our Product Benefits :  Consistent process parameter  Improve quality of molten  Operation for non-stop or intermittent  Friendly environment Applications : This is the best equipment to handle treatment of producing good quality molten Aluminium. The unit effectively applied for small to medium volume such as in: Holding Furnace, Ladle Treatment, Tundish, bale-out well of Integrated Furnace. FEATURES : • Fully automatic operation to ensure consistent outcome of degassing and cleaning. • Rotator unit performs precision rotation that extend the life of graphite shaft and impeller. • Rotation speed is adjustable by Inverter for accurate speed determination. • Rotator unit consists of high quality parts, includes: house bearing made of special cast iron to eliminate vibration, Stainless Steel for shaft and coupling to avoid oxidation, and special trust bearing to ensure centered rotation precisely. • Process parameter i.e.: degassing time, gas pressure, gas flow for Idle Mode and Run Mode are adjustable according to batch capacity. Once preset is established, the system perform consistent outcome. • Air cooling-double nozzle with flow control valve are mounted on rotator unit. • In case of power failure or gas low, the system will switch Run Mode operation to Idle Mode automaticallyto avoid blocking of immersed graphite shaft and impeller. • All displays are mounted on a control panel, operator can easily monitoring and setting through panel, no need to come closer to rotator unit. • Reliable in use and easy maintenance, thanks to module system application.

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