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Alat Uji dan Mesin SF-880E AWD CHASSIS DYNO

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Spesifikasi Alat Uji dan Mesin SF-880E AWD CHASSIS DYNO

Alat Uji dan Mesin

SF-880E AWD: The Tuners Choice
The SF-880E AWD chassis dyno was built for serious automotive performance tuners who want unmatched quality, capacity and data acquisition.

Electric Wheelbase Adjustment
The SF-880E dyno has electric push-button wheel base adjustment to accommodate wheelbases from 88 to 134 inches. This allows vehicles to be placed in the proper location on the rolls for maximum traction every time. The SF-880E accommodates track widths from 40 to 84 inches and has an equivalent vehicle inertia of 3,467 lbs. Other models in the SF-800 series offer longer wheel bases, wider track widths and different inertias. View our chassis dyno specifications chart to see all models.

200 MPH Mechanical Roll Synchronization
The SF-880E chassis dyno includes all-wheel drive speed synchronization with a simple and reliable driveshaft connection between the front and rear rolls. This eliminates the chance of damaging center differentials and activating traction or stability control systems on the dyno. This driveshaft speed synchronization system is unique to SuperFlow and the only one available that doesn’t have to be disconnected to test above 175 mph. SuperFlow speed synchronization is always engaged and available all the way up to 200 mph.

Unmatched Accuracy Through Engineering
Trunnion mounted differentials are equipped with individual torque cells to measure torque produced at each axle. This system also makes SuperFlow AWD chassis dynos extremely accurate because any variance in dyno components like bearings and differentials are compensated for as the measurement is made.

Superior Eddy Current Load Capacity
Two eddy-current power absorbers are mounted to the differential between the rolls to provide more load capacity across the entire operating range. Mounting the power absorbers to the differential provides two major advantages over other systems:

It spins the power absorbers at 2.5 times roll speed meaning the SF-880E will provide significantly more load capacity starting at 0 mph than other dynos – this gives you more load to tune at the speeds vehicles are actually operated. We’re so confident in this design we publish our load curves across the entire operating range rather than only publishing peak load which is only available at the top speed of the dyno.
It keeps the power absorbers cooler by increasing their airflow giving you more load for longer durations
Standard and Custom Test Profiles

Inertia tests: fast, accurate and extremely repeatable
Controlled acceleration tests: sweep test at user defined acceleration rate provides consistent load to simulate actual acceleration rates a vehicle will see in operation
Step testing: step through set RPM or MPH points at either wide open or partial throttle for quick and easy fuel mapping
Steady state: manually control the RPM or MPH for fuel and ignition timing mapping
rack simulation: input track laps from your data logger directly into WinDyn and run the laps again on the dyno – great for durability testing
Engine power test: coast down to quantify drivetrain losses and derive engine power
Drive cycle – user defined drive cycles like US06, FTP75, etc. It can be outfitted with an AC motor for full inertia simulation
More Traction and More Accurate
42 inch diameter, precision knurled rolls provide a massive contact patch for superior traction and minimal tire deflection. Systems with very small rolls or worse, cradle rolls, cause excessive tire deflection creating dangerous amounts of heat in the tire and increasing the risk of tire failure. Any heat in the tire is also power that was not measured by the dyno adding to the inaccuracies of small roll dynos.  Additionally, small rolls have such small tire to roll contact they require strapping the vehicle in a downward fashion to make traction – this increases tire deflection and eliminates the suspension, greatly increasing the shock load to the drivetrain while testing. The large rolls in the SF-880E allow for straps to be positioned more linearly with the goal of holding the car on the dyno, not creating unnatural amounts of downforce reducing stress to the driveline and heat in the tires.

WinDyn 3.2 – Software and Data Acquisition System
The WinDyn 3.2 Software and Data Acquisition system is included and offers features, expandability and configurability not seen anywhere else. The sensor box has 139 channels available for data acquisition of items like boost, oil pressure, throttle position, etc. and can be outfitted to read directly from the vehicle’s OBDII port. Data collection happens at 1,000 to 2,500 Hz depending on the channel so no details are missed. Ten software screens are completely user configurable so live data can be viewed in a manner that makes sense to you. The handheld controller is rugged, dependable and easy to use. Simply select the test menu, then the type of test you want to run and follow the prompts to start testing – our test scripts guide you through the process and only require a few clicks to start testing. Jump down the page for the complete overview on WinDyn 3.2.

Multiple Models for the Perfect Fit
SuperFlow’s SF-800 series all-wheel-drive chassis dynamometers are the most complete and feature-rich AWD chassis dynos on the market. Various models in the 800 series let you select the model with the proper wheel base, track width and equivalent vehicle inertia for your application. Like any SuperFlow dynamometer, they are designed to be more accurate, more repeatable and more durable than anything else available. Call us today to discuss your application.

Informasi Pemesanan dan Pembelian Hubungi :
Telepon: (021) 29563045
Mobile: 0821 2505 4143 & 0877 8830 6414
Email : sales@testindo•com
Whatsapp : 0813 9929 1909

Website : http://www.dynamometerindonesia.com


Harga Alat Uji dan Mesin SF-880E AWD CHASSIS DYNO

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