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Alat Uji dan Mesin SF-901 WINDYN DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM Back to Engine Dynamometers

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Spesifikasi Alat Uji dan Mesin SF-901 WINDYN DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM Back to Engine Dynamometers

Alat Uji dan Mesin


The SF-901 engine dynamometer was a workhorse in engine testing from the day it was released in 1982. Thousands of SF-901 engine dynos were produced and hundreds if not thousands are still in use today. The problem, the data acquisition system was designed in 1978 so it lacks features and capacity to adequately test modern engines and the majority of the electrical components required to service the data acquisition and control system are no longer available.

To help, we’ve developed a conversion kit to replace the dated SF-901 electronics with our latest WinDyn 3.2 data acquisition and control system. This upgrade allows SF-901 owners to keep the functional mechanical portion of their dynos and upgrade to the latest WinDyn data acquisition and control system making the dyno perform like new for less than half the cost.

The SF-ED-901 conversion package includes

New sensor box with 139 user configurable data channels
16 channel thermocouple panel
10 channel pressure panel
2 pre-configured air fuel inputs (0-10v)
New control console to control tests, control engines and control the entire test cell
New computer system factory configured with WinDyn 3.2, two 22 in. LCD monitors and a color printer
New operator desk with integrated throttle handle and cable replaces the existing hydraulic throttle system
The current WinDyn system is ¼ the size and 100 times more powerful than the SF-901 giving you more data channels, better testing methods, higher resolution test data and a suite of modern testing tools to get the most out of your engines. WinDyn is easy to use, ready to run and ready to adapt to your needs.

Major benefits of the SF-ED-901 conversion package

Keep the functional mechanical portions of the SF-901, saving money
Data acquisition rates up to 2,500Hz - an increase of 100 times over the previous 20Hz rate for higher resolution data and finer analysis of engine performance
Automatic weather station improves test accuracy, repeatability and credibility
Improved engine control for excellent repeatability
Automated, ready to run test profiles with user defined sweep rates
Ability to integrate automatic throttle controllers or send a control out signal for fly-by-wire throttle
Advanced data analysis features
playback any saved test
plot or overlay up to 10 tests at a time on the graph
plot multiple channels at a time, for example plot air fuel ratio and torque
Migrate from an obsolete DOS computer to a modern Windows environment
Windows file structure - save virtually unlimited numbers of tests
Save data in folders organized by customer name or engine type including multiple subfolders
Email data files or export data into a customer data pack that customers can take with them
Analyze or store data on any Windows computer for better file back up
Onsite Installation and Training
The package includes three days of onsite installation and training by a SuperFlow service engineer. While onsite our engineer will:

Run baseline tests on the SF-901 for verification after the upgrade
Remove the SF-901 data acquisition and controls
Install the SF-ED-901 data acquisition and control system upgrade
Integrate existing sensors you wish to keep (temperature, pressure, air/fuel, etc.)
Configure the newly upgraded system for your application
Run comparison tests after the upgrade for verification
Spend two days training on the function and operation of the new system
Considering a used SF-901? Call us First!
If you are considering purchasing a used SF-901 give us a call first. We can tell you what to look out for, often tell you history on the machine and give you a quote for the SF-ED-901 conversion package that you can factor into what you want to offer on the used dyno.

Informasi Pemesanan dan Pembelian Hubungi :
Telepon: (021) 29563045
Mobile: 0821 2505 4143 & 0877 8830 6414
Email : sales@testindo•com
Whatsapp : 0813 9929 1909

Website : http://www.dynamometerindonesia.com


Harga Alat Uji dan Mesin SF-901 WINDYN DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM Back to Engine Dynamometers

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