SL-10S atau 20S atau 20 (filter air)

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Spesifikasi SL-10S atau 20S atau 20 (filter air)

Completely free of leaks! Can be used for a variety of liquid chemicals. This is a high-lift low flow volume pump with excellent functionality.

Features :

Magnetic drive method using a permanent magnet completely eliminates leaks.
The full lineup of 21 variations allows you to select a model that precisely meets your needs.
Made of highly corrosion resistant polypropylene (PP). (SL-F, SL-FD Series)
PVdF (SL-X)/PPS (SL-PS) is used for the parts that contact the liquid to provide excellent corrosion resistance.
The FD type supports no-load operation by using a special ceramic that in times of emergency can run with no load for approximately 1 hour.

PVdF /Polyvinylidene fluoride (difluoride resin) SL-X type
For acidic liquids at high temperature or that are subject to extreme changes in temperature
PPS /Polyphenylene sulfide SL-PS type "LAITON" etc.
For alkaline liquids at high temperature or that are subject to extreme changes in temperature (caustic soda, plating solution, etching solution, etc.)

Applications :

Corrosive liquid chemicals, acids, alkalines, photograph developers, photograph filters, bleaches, inks, alkaline batteries, storage batteries
Seawater, saltwater, pure water, soy sauce, vinegar, sauce fermentation, juices, plating solutions, surface treatments, filters
Medical equipment, scientific instruments, isothermal tanks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, electronic component etching equipment, photographic plates, dyeing equipment, waste liquid treatment equipment, processes, hot water circulation intakes, freezers, water-cooled show cases, air conditioners, drink vending machines, ice machines, laboratories, test chambers, test plants
The material of the impeller that contacts the liquid must be selected to match the above applications. Please contact ELEPON when selecting a model.
Some models cannot be used depending on the chemical handled.
Please inform us of the name of the liquid you will be using.

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