Spesifikasi TESTO 350

Testo 350 Flue gas analyzer
The new flue gas analyzer testo 350 offers advantages and real benefits – as you can see!

• Innovative: The application-guided operation with helpful instrument pre-settings

• Elegant and clear: The large colour graphic display

• Robust design: The sealed housing makes the testo 350 insensitive to knocks and dirt

• Cost and time-savings: The new service concept offers fast access to wearing parts
1. Control unit – small and convenient

The control unit is the operating and display unit of the testo 350. It can be removed and equipped as standard with a Li-ion rechareable battery. All settings are carried out using the cursor button. The presentation of the measurement values takes place via the colour graphic display. Thanks to the internal memory, measurement data can be transferred from the analyzer box to the control unit. If required by the measurement, several analyzer boxes can conveniently be operated and controlled using one control unit

The advantages of the testo 350 control unit:

Operation of the analyzer box and transfer of the measurement data even when the flue gas pipe and the adjustment site are separated, especiall helpful for industrial burners, for example.
Measurement data can be transferred from the analyzer box to the control unit. This means the analyzer box can remain at the measurement site for further measurements, and the control unit taken away in order to process the measurement data.
In order to protect the display in measurements over a longer period or during transport to different measurement sites in a system, the control unit can be attached to the analyzer box face-down.

2. Large colour graphic display with application-specific menu
The following measurement objects are available: • Burner• Gas turbine• Engines ( Select » > 1 or » d 1 regulated industrial engines) • User-defined.Typical fuels, a practicable order of the exhaust gas parameters in the display, the corresponding calculations as well as useful instrument pre-settings, are stored under each of these measurement objects. Examples of these are the activation of the dilution in measurements on » d 1 regulated industrial engines, or the testing of the relevant gas sensor in the dilution slot.

The advantages of the application-specific menu

Information in the display guides the user through the menu.
Easy operation without previous knowledge of the instrument
Reduction of the work steps before the start of the measurement

3. Analyzer box – industrial standard, robust and reliable
In the analyzer box are the gas sensors, the measurement gas and rinsing pumps, the Peltier gas preparation ( optional) , gas paths, filters, analysis and storage electronics as well as the mains unit and In the analyzer box are the gas sensors, the measurement gas and rinsing pumps, the Peltier gas preparation ( optional) , gas paths, filters, analysis and storage electronics as well as the mains unit and the Li-ion battery. The robust housing has built-in impact protection ( specially constructed X-shaped rubber edges) , allowing the analyzer box to be used in tough conditions. Downtimes due to dirt in the instrument are almost completely eliminated by intelligent design and robustness. Inherently sealed chambers protect the interior of the instrument from dirt from the surroundings. Operation can be carried out with the control unit or in derict connection with a PC or notebook ( USB, Bluetooth® 2.0 oder CANCase) . The analyzer box can, after programming, independently carry out measurements and store measurement data. The plug-in connections for the probes and bus cables are locked by bayonet fittings, and therefore securely connected to the analyzer box. This prevents unintentional removal, avoiding false measurements.

The advantages of the analyzer box

Special chambers offer comprehensive protection for the sensors and electronics from dust and deposits

4. Easily accessible service opening

Access to all relevant service and wearing parts such as pumps and filters, which can then be quickly cleaned and/ or exchanged on site.

The advantages:

Reduction of instrument unavailability due to service times.
Cost savings due to instrument maintenance and/ or exchange and cleaning of wearing parts by the user.

Immediate access to all relevant wearing parts

5. Thermally separated sensor chamber

The sensor chamber is thermally separated from the other instrument components. This reduces possible sensor drifts caused by thermal influences. This allows the maximum reliability pf the measuring instrument to be achieved.

6. Easy exchange of the gas sensors

The gas sensors are pre-calibrated and can be exchanged, replaced or extended by further measurement parameters without test gas – if necessary directly at the measurement site.

No more long service times
Flexible extension of the testo 350 by further gas measurement parameters when applications or regulations change.
A report is immediately issued when the NO sensor filter is used up. Then only the filter needs to be changed, and no longer the whole NO sensor

7. Automatically monitored condensate trap

The automatic monitoring of filling level reports when the condensate container needs to be emptied, and a few minutes after the report, the measurement gas pump is automatically stopped. This provides the highest protection of the analyzer box and the gas sensors from damage by condensate entry.

8. External cooling loop

Closed cooling loops isolate the instrument electronics and sensors from the ambient air. The interior of the instrument is cooled via a heat exchanger and therefore does not come into contact with dirty or aggressive ambient air.

Damage to the internal electronics are thus effectively prevented.
The instrument can also be safely used in dusty or dirty atmospheres

Further advantages... Diagnosis function – integrated and intelligent The testo 350 has a number of instrument diagnosis functions. Error reports are issued in clear text, and are thus easily understandable. The current status of the flue gas analyzer is constantly displayed. This guarantees:

Low downtimes thanks to early warning reports, for example when gas sensors are spent.
No false measurements due to faulty instrument components.
Better planning of measurement work
More reliability in emission measurement and up-to-date information on the instrument status.

Automatic zeroing of the pressure sensor

This option allows volume nad mass flow velocity to be measured without supervision over a longer period of time and parallel to the emission measurement. The pressure sensor is automatically zeroed at regular intervals. This avoids the typical drift of the pressure sensor when ambient conditions change.

Gas sensor zeroing

When the instrument is switched on, or manually if needed, the gas sensors are zeroed with ambient air. In the testo 350, this procedure is already completed in 30 seconds. This means that fast availablilty with tested and zeroed gas sensors is always guaranted.

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