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TFIA 2 High Volume Air Sampler Staplex

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Spesifikasi TFIA 2 High Volume Air Sampler Staplex

Staplex TFIA 2 High Volume Air Sampler

Staplex® Model TFIA series High Volume Air Samplers

Indoor or outdoor sampling of airborne particulates

0-70 cubic feet per minute ( cfm ) [ 0-2 cubic meters per minute ( cmm )] flow range

Spot or continuous monitoring

Portable and lightweight

Built-in rotometer for instantaneous flow reading

Includes 4" ( 10.16 cm ) diameter filter holder assembly

For use in normal, non-explosive atmospheres

Complete accessories available for use with Total Suspended Particulate ( TSP ), PM10 and PM2.5 Systems for U.S. EPA compliance

Made in U.S.A.

Standard Models :

Note for 110-125 volt and 220-230 volt models:

- F feature includes built in flow adjuster

- CDT Time feature allows to turn "OFF" or "ON" after a preset time or for use as an Elapsed Time Indicator )

TFIA 110-125 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz Basic model best seller!

TFIA-F Includes built-in Flow Adjuster - 110-125 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz

TFIA-CDT Includes built-in Count Down Timer - 110-125 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz (Note: CDT feature allows to turn "OFF" or "ON" after a preset time or for use as an Elapsed Time Indicator)

TFIA-FCDT Includes built-in Flow Adjuster and Count Down Timer - 110-125 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz

TFIA-2 220-240 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz Basic model best seller!

TFIA-2F Includes built-in Flow Adjuster - 220-240 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz

TFIA-2CDT Includes built-in Count Down Timer - 220-240 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz

TFIA-2FCDT Includes built-in Flow Adjuster and Count Down Timer - 220-240 Volts AC/DC, 50-60 Hz

TFIA-4 24 Volts DC ( 35 cfm [ 1 cmm ] maximum flowrate ) 16 Amps

TFIA-4BC 24 Volts DC with battery cable with clamps, 16 Amps

When normal currents are not available 24 Volts DC models are ideal for remote field use.

  1. Model TFIA-4BC with 2 of 12 Volt DC automobile batteries in series ( or at lower flowrate with 1 of 12 Volt DC battery.)


12 VDC

24 VDC

4" Filter flowrate

0.8 cfm ( 0.3 cmm )

18 cfm ( 0.5 cmm )

8" x10" Filter flowrate

18 cfm ( 0.5 cmm )

26 cfm ( 0.8 cmm )

cfm = cubic feet per minute; cmm = cubic meters per minute

Use Model TFIA-4 with Portable Re-chargable Battery Pack and Charger:

Model TF24B Battery Pack ( 20 minute run time on full charge; 6 hour recharge time ) shown on left with optional carrying case with shoulder strap

Model TF24CU Battery Charger ( 110-125 VAC ) for TF24B Battery Pack

Model TF24CU Battery Charger ( 220-240 VAC ) for TF24B Battery Pack

Other special model High Volume Air Samplers also available.

Gasoline and diesel generators available for TFIA (110-125 V) and TFIA-2 ( 220-230 ) Series High Volume Air Samplers. Request details.

Specifications for TFIA Series :

Dimensions : 8-1/2 " x 7-1/2 " x 7-1/2 ( 21.6 x 19.1 x 19.1 cm )

Carrying weight : 10 lbs. ( 4.5 kg )

Construction : Sturdy Lightweight Dural Main Housing


Portable Air Sampler for indoor and outdoor sampling for all types of airborne particulates including environmental pollutants, nuclear and biohazards, industrial, governmental and military tests and studies, mine air hazards, factory dusts, chemical, radiological and toxicological analyses, as well as innumerable other types of research, quality control and testing applications.

Principle of Operation

Large volumes of air are drawn through a filter by a high-speed rotary motor. Particulate matter in the air collects on various types and sizes of filter papers including Glass Fiber Filter Media.

Standard Features

Universal motor, Pump, Variable Orifice Flowmeter calibrated 0-70 CFM or 0-2 CMM; 4" ( 10.16 cm ) diameter Filter Holder Assembly, Filter Support Rod and Stainless Steel Mesh Adapter, carrying handle, on/off current toggle switch, 8 foot ( 38 cm ) grounded cordset.

Analysis of Collected Samples

Filters can be analyzed gravimetrically, by weighing, taring, ashing, spectrography, atomic absorption, comparator, microscopic count, chromatography, atomic colorimetric assay, and gamma­ray spectroscopy, x-ray fluorscopy and neutron ac­tivation etc., to identify pollutants and measure their concentrations.


Proper filter is inserted into appropriate filter holder of air sampler and sampler is then ready for test operations. Initial flow rate and sampling time are recorded. Flow rate is governed by size and type of filter used. ( See Chart A Filters )

The Staplex SH4 4" Diameter Filter Holder Assembly, is equipped with filter support rod to be used as back support for Staplex TFA2133 filters. In addition. when using Staplex TFA41 Filter Paper and Staplex TFAGF41 Glass Fiber Filters, a special 4 " Diameter Stainless Steel Screen is required ( included ).

Calibration :

The rate of flow is measured by means of an indirect, variable orifice flow meter (pressure indicator gauge). This indicates the pressure drop across an orifice in the housing and is calibrated against a standard orifice on the intake. Flowrate is determined by saturation of filter paper and should be recorded accordingly during sampling test periods. User can calibrate the flow meter in the field using the US EPA prescribed method for calibrating High Volume Air Samplers, using Staplex Model CKHV and CKHV810 Calibration Kits. (See additional data sheet)

General :

Can be used indoors or outdoors. for mobile or fixed position operation either horizontally or vertically. Also available is a convenient Staplex TR-1 Tripod moun­ting. When required for protracted periods outdoors a special outdoor enclosed shelter in Aluminum ( SAM ) or Wooden ( SWM ) is available.

Maintenance :

TFIA series models can be operated continuously when using TFA810 and TFAGF810 8" x10" filters continuously, with filters checked and changed as need, based on particulate saturation. No lubrication of any motor parts is required. Motor brushes should be check after every 600 hours of usage and changed as needed. Changing of brushes is recommended for every 800 - 1,000 hours of usage.



TFA41 Filter Paper 4" dia. ( 100/box )

TFAGF41 Glass Fiber Filters 4" dia. ( 100/box )

TFAQ41 Quartz Filter 4" dia. ( 100/box )

TFA810 Filter Paper 8"x10" ( 100/box )

TFAGF810 Glass Fiber Filters 8"x10" ( 100/box )

TFAQ810 Quartz FIlter 8"x 10" ( 25/box )

TFA69 Filter Paper 6"x9" ( 100/box )

TFAGF69 Glass Fiber Filters 6"x9" ( 100/box )

TFA2133 Filters, 4" diameter ( 100/box )

Alat Ukur dan Instrumen

Harga TFIA 2 High Volume Air Sampler Staplex

Pallscientific, Adalah Perusahaan Swasta Nasional Yang Bergerak Di Bidang Hygiene Industri Dan Kesehatan Lingkungan. Bertujuan Untuk Menjembatani Dan Memenuhi Kebutuhan Dunia Industri Khususnya Dan Masyarakat Pada Umumnya. Perusahaan Yang Bergerak Di Bidang Perdagangan Barang Dan Jasa Dengan Meng-Khususkan Lingkup Usaha Perusahaan Dalam Bidang Pengadaan Peralatan Hygiene Industri Dan Kesehatan Lingkungan, Peralatan Laboratorium, Alat &Ndash; Alat Kesehatan, Serta Penyediaan Jasa Pemantauan, Pengukuran Lingkungan Dan Perbaikan Peralatan.Perdagangan Barang.Produk Yang Diperdagangkan Perusahan Utamanya Adalah Produk Produk Yang Berkaitan Dengan Hygiene Industri, Kesehatan Lingkungan, Kesehatan & Keselamatan Kerja Dan Peralatan Laboratorium Dan Alat Alat Kesehatan . Produk Produk Tersebut Antara Lain :A. Peralatan Pemantau Hygiene Industri Dan Keselamatan Kerja Peralatan Pemantau Higiene Industri Dan Keselamatan Kerja Meliputi :- Alat Ukur Suara ( Sound Level Meter & Noise Dosimeter)- Alat Ukur Getaran ( Vibration Monitoring)- Alat Detector Gas Berbahaya & Mudah Terbakar ( Gas & Flamable GasDetector)- Alat Untuk Pengambilan Sampel Gas, Debu, Mist, Fume & Aerosol ( Gas, Fume,Aerosol Sample Pump & Monitoring)B. Peralatan Pemantau Lingkungan Jenis Peralatan Tersebut Antara Lain :- Peralatan Sampling Dan Analisa Udara Maupun Peralatan Untuk SamplingKualitas Udara Pada Cerobong Secara Isokinetik Otomatis- Alat Pantau Cuaca Stasioner Yang Dilengkapi Dengan Penyimpanan Data ( DataLogging) Sesuai Parameter Yang Diukur.- Peralatan Pemantau Kwalitas Air Bersih Dan Air Minum ( Microbiologi, Ph,Turbiditi Dll..)- Perlatan Pewantau Kadar Kimia Dalam MakananC. Scientific Instrument , Untuk :- Laboratorium Kimia Dasar & Kimia Klinik : Laboratorium Bio Kimia, KimiaKlinik , Kimia Analitik, Mikrobiologi, Hematologi, Parasitologi, KimiaFarmasi & Toksikologi, Serologi, Virologi & Immunologi, Kimia Air, KimiaMakanan & Minuman, Dll- Laboratorium Fisika & Biologi : Laboratorium Instrumentasi, Fisika Dasar,Elektronika Medik, Radiology, Alat Elektronik, Elektronika Medik, Anatomi& Fisiology, Farmakologi Dll.D. Media Dan Reagensia, Untuk: Menunjang Kebutuhan Reagent Pada Rumah Sakit ,Puskesmas, Klinik, Dan Laboratorium.

Kami Menjual
  • Environmental
  • Medical
  • Instruments
  • Agriculture
  • Laboratory
  • Safety Equipment

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