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Particle Size Analyzer Sedigraph III 5120

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Spesifikasi Particle Size Analyzer Sedigraph III 5120

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The new SediGraph® III Plus determines particle size by using the highly accurate and reproducible sedimentation technique which measures the gravity-induced settling rates of different size particles in a liquid with known properties. This is simple yet extremely effective technique for providing particle size information for a wide variety of materials.

Proven Technique and Reliability

For over three decades, the Micromeritics SediGraph has remained the standard instrument for particle size analysis in many laboratories throughout the world. Whether in a rugged production environment or a controlled laboratory setting, the SediGraph continues to produce accurate results with superior reliability. Particle size distribution is measured using the sedimentation method. Particle mass is measured directly via X-ray absorption. By measuring the rate at which particles fall under gravity through a liquid having known properties as described by Stokes’ law, the SediGraph determines the equivalent spherical diameter of particles ranging from 300 to 0.1 micrometers.

The new generation SediGraph III Plus combines this proven technique with new technology to deliver reproducible and highly accurate particle size information, completing most analyses in minutes.

Intelligent Design Features

The SediGraph III Plus offers advanced instrumentation features that ensure measurements are repeatable and easy to perform. New features make it easier to operate and maintain the instrument, and the results can be reliably reproduced by SediGraphs in other locations.

Design improvements include:

High-precision x-ray tube with a lifetime warranty (7-years)
Windows operating software with Ethernet connectivity provides point-and-click selection, networking, printer selection, cut-and paste, and much more
Utilization of a simplified pumping system ensures fast and easy maintenance
Reduced noise level for a quieter working environment
A maintenance reminder, based on the number of analyses performed, alerts you when it is time for routine maintenance
Computer-controlled mixing chamber temperature improves repeatability and reproducibility
A highly versatile and interactive reporting system provides a wide range of custom data presentation options and now includes particle settling velocity and grain size in Phi units

A Wide Variety of Benefits:

Complete particle accountability assures that all of the introduced sample is accounted for, including fractions below 0.1 µm

Capability to merge data with that from other particle sizing methods, thus extending the range of reported data to 125,000 µm (125 mm), excellent for geological applications

Scanning the sedimentation cell from bottom to top allows accurate inventory of fast-settling particles while minimizing the time required to resolve the separation of fine particles

Fully automatic operation increases sample throughput and reduces operator involvement in addition to reducing the opportunity for human error

Temperature-controlled analyses assure that liquid properties remain constant throughout the analysis so you can be confident of accurate and reproducible results

Multiple analysis speeds allow you to choose the desired combination of speed and resolution that meets your needs

Real-Time display allows you to monitor the cumulative mass plot of the current analysis and to make immediate procedural changes if needed

Statistical process control (SPC) reports track the performance of your processes allowing immediate response to fluctuations

Plot overlays provide a visual comparison of analysis results from one or more analyses; a reference or baseline analysis, for example, or a superposition of two different types of plots of the same analysis data

Data comparison plots provide graphical displays of the mathematical difference between two data sets (difference from reference plot) or the extent of a data point value above or below a tolerance boundary (out of specification plot)

Multiple analyzer control allows two SediGraph III’s to be operated simultaneously from a single computer, conserving valuable lab space and making data storage convenient

Application :

Ceramics : The size range of particles and the distribution of mass in each size class strongly affect the ability to sinter a ceramic powder and its forming properties as well as the pore size distribution in the finished product. Particle size distribution information helps determine curing and bonding procedures, control pore structure, ensure adequate green body strength, and produce a final product of desired strength, texture, appearance, and density.

Metal Powders: By controlling particle size, very specific pore characteristics can be designed into a product. Porosity characteristics often are the key to product performance. Similar to ceramics, the particle size distribution is critical to green body and final product strength and density.

Catalysts: Particle size affects the catalytic activity of a metal for structure-sensitive catalytic reactions.

Geological/Soil Science: Grain size affects the moisture-holding capacity of soil, drainage rate, and the soil’s ability to hold nutrients. Grain size is directly related to transport of sediment.

Cosmetics: The appearance, application, and packaging of cosmetics are influenced by the particle size distribution of base powders, such as talc, and the pigments used for coloring.

Pigments: Particle size alone can affect the tinting strength of a color. As tinting strength goes up, the quantity of pigment needed to produce required color intensity goes down. The particle size affects the hiding power of the paints. Also the particle size distribution influences gloss, texture, color saturation and brightness.

Construction Materials: Particle size of cement affects setting time and strength characteristics of the finished concrete and cement.

Minerals and Inorganic Chemicals: Reactivity of materials is dependent upon exposed surface area and thus particle size distribution.

Abrasives: A properly balanced size distribution of abrasive grains and powders is a fundamental consideration whether the material is to be used in slurries, dry blasting, or bonded abrasive tools. Uniform particle size assures precise flow rates through blast machines and is a critical determination in media management when recycling the abrasive material.


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