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Total Station Topcon ES 105

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Spesifikasi Total Station Topcon ES 105

This Topcon new innovative ES Total Station sets a new bar on performance, speed, accuracy and security. It out performs all other models on the market with its new advanced design and superior technology. The Topcon ES Total Station was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest technology advantages. All in a small, sleek design – you’ll appreciate the advantages from the very first measurement!

The Topcon ES Series Total Stations feature a class leading EDM unit while the ES is able to measure up to 4,000m to standard prisms, and can measure in reflectorless mode up to 500m at an incredible 3mm + 2ppm accuracy. The measurements are carried out faster than ever, and at 15mm (over 30m), the bright red laser dot pinpoints features with ease.

TSshield Advanced Maintenance
Every instrument has a telematics card installed that will communicate to the Topcon servers every day. The system then reviews what firmware version is installed. From this information Topcon can send an alert to the ES total station if a newer version is available.

TSshield Advanced Security (Available in a future firmware.)
The ES total stations must be registered at the point of sale. From registration comes the power to control the operation of the ES. An owner can log into the TSshield website and Lock an instrument if it is lost or stolen. This theft deterent functionality is the first in the

Fast and Powerful EDM
The 500m (1,640 ft) Non-Prism has a focused beam width tighter than other instruments in this class. Measurements can be as fast
as .9 seconds. The Topcon EDM algorithm reduces the signal noise associated with non prism measurements providing an accurate
result to most surfaces over longer distance. This is true for darker surfaces and wet surfaces where others fail.

Exclusive LongLink Communications 300m+
LongLink is another incredible world's first technology from Topcon. When connected with an external data collector, LongLink communication provides control at the remote rod position. The controller operator can record the data for codes and rod heights at the point of measurement. For stakeout, the remote operator can view
directions required to find the next stake point. The system becomes a very productive system, similar to a robotic system where the
instrument man simply needs to follow, aim, and focus on the remote prism.

Advanced Angle Accuracy
Topcon’s advanced angle encoder technology provides “Best in class” 1 arc second angle accuracy in some models. Technology allows
the instrument to calibrate its own angle measurement system by itself. With Tangents that lock you can be assured that the instrument
will hold your angle in place.

Super Long Life Battery 36 hours
36 hours provides for almost a full week’s operation in the field before you need to recharge. The batteries can be used with the Topcon Hiper II GPS receiver as well as Topcon's Robotic MS-05A total station. -

Harga Total Station Topcon ES 105

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