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Spesifikasi WOLF GREASE ALC-3

Minyak Gemuk


 is  alumunium complex grease have a little in common with their conventional predecessors. While no grease can truly be an “all-purpose” lubricant, alumunium complex grease is a valuable multifunctional, multi-purpose product a premium, long lasting and hard working grease thickened with Alumunium complex soap. This grease is designed to solve most lubrication problems, especially those are in very wet conditions.

Wolf Grease ALC-3 Feature and beneits are :

  1. Resistance to both washing out of bearing and being washed off a flat surfce
  2. This is highly desirable although the water resistance of multi-purpose grease varies considerably from product to product, alumunium complex greases most likely will be better in this respect than other multi-purpose
  3. Superior water repellency properties and thus, ideal for wet operating conditions, high dropping point and high load performance, provides reliable protection againts rust and corrosion, good pumpability at
  4. Outstanding grease life for extended re-lubrication

Applications :

  1. Automotive, Marine, Paper mills, Water works, Agricultures Mining and Constructions Highly recommended for bal and roller bearings operating under heavy load and high temperatures.
  2. Special grease for paper mill dry end bearings.
  3. Alumunium complex grease is used to lubricate the banbury mixers where the mill dry end bearings.
  4. Alumunium complex grease is used to lubricate the banbury mixers where they can be wet, hot and corrosive atmospheres.

Working Temperatures :

  1. -10 to 180 °C (continuos)
  2. Up to 200 °C (intermittent)


We PT Surya Terang Pratama is a company engaged in the production and distribution of lubricants and greases with the WOLF brand.WOLF lubricants are manufactured from the purest and highest-quality lubrication base oils blended with advanced addtives from top international suppliers. Each product undergoes a stringent quality assurance process to verify that every drop of WOLF lubricants consistently meets or surpasses world class quality standarts. WOLF lubricants provide long lasting protection, extending the service life of your vehichle as well as the intervals between oil changes.A lubricating grease consist of a base oil, performance addtives and a thickener which froms a matrix that retains the oil in a semisolid state. Most grease thickeners are soaps, i.e.lithium, calcium, aluminium sopa, complex soap greases have superior temperature resistance and are commonly usable up to 180C, at which the mineral oil vaporizes. A smaller number of greases, restriced to very special application, are manufactured with non-soap thickeners such as organic clays polyurea, bentone or silica compounds.Greases is the most widely used lubricant for roller bearings and low velocity applications, mainly because grease type lubricants are reletively easy to handle and require only the simplest sealing devices.WOLF Grease, for over 6 years has met various types of greases required by Indonesian customers in field industrial and automotive. It makes WOLF Grease used in all Indonesia regions and become a familiar brand in Indonesia. WOLF Grease can help you enhance performance, improve productivity and reduce cost, available in range of viscosity and NLGI penetration grades offering the right choice for your application.

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